Boho Picnic Parties

Picnics are perfect if you want a laidback celebration, that together with the whimsical vibe of a boho party, creates a wonderful ambiance for a special birthday.

Kate Spade Parties

Kate Spade parties just ooze style, so how about picking one as your 40th birthday party theme? Decorate with black and white stripes, and lots of pink flowers.

Sleepover Parties

Celebrate your 40th with a sleepover themed party with all your besties. Make sure there's lot's of pampering, cocktails and lots of chatting the night away!

Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are a lovely way to celebrate without all the fuss of a full-on party. Sitting around a table with great company, while enjoying amazing food sounds like absolute heaven!

Spring-Themed Parties

If you are hosting your 40th birthday in the spring, how about using that as your theme? Fill your party with gorgeous colors and lots of flowers and you really can't go wrong!

Wonder Women Parties

What woman isn't Wonder Woman in her own right? Celebrate a 40th in true superhero style with a smashing superhero-themed party. It will be a blast!

Luau Parties

Summer parties are always so refreshing and have the ability to transport you to faraway tropical lands. Use lots of bright colors and flowers to bring joy to your 40th!

80's Retro Parties

The 80's have left a mark on all 40 year olds, so go back in time with a retro '80s themed 40th birthday. Decorate with your favorite stuff from the '80s, such as tapes, neons, bricks, and graffiti.

Mexican Fiesta Parties

If you want vibrant colors, flavors, and of course, lots of tequila at your 40th, how about hosting a fun fiesta-themed birthday! Add some cactus, paper flowers and you are good to go!

Chanel-Themed Parties

Nothing says classy like a Chanel-themed 40th birthday. If you love fashion, then this theme is perfect for you! The use of the iconic Coco Chanel brand symbol can add so much style to your party.