Plastic Containers With Lid

These round plastic containers are also a great solution to serve and eat out of. They are great for salads with dressing. The lid protects the food and helps keep it germ-free.

Food Trays

Food trays are awesome for mains or even side dishes like salads. They fit easily in your hand making them very versatile.

Take Out Boxes

These take-out boxes with metal handles are also a fun way to serve food. They are especially fun if you’re planning on serving noodles at your party.

Soup / Ice Cream / Salad Cups

These containers are perfect for both hot or cold party food. You can use them to serve delicious soup, a salad, or even some yummy ice cream! Stack them up on a table and they'll be gone in no time.

Lunch Boxes

Pack a kraft picnic lunch box with individually wrapped food, such as a sandwich, some tacos, a salad, some cookies, appetizers, etc.. for each of your guests.

French Fry Paper Cups

Fries are an all-time favorite and a cool choice of finger food for a party. These paper cups are an excellent way to hold them. Great for a nibble!

Plastic Cup With Dome Lid

Fruit is always a healthy dessert option and these transparent plastic cups with dome lids are a great way to serve them at your party. They also a great solution for ice cream, popcorn, or even a salad.

Small Dome Cases

These transparent small dome cases are wonderful for displaying delicate party food such as macarons, cupcakes, whoopie pies or cookies. Decorate with a sticker, ribbon, or a name tag.

Clear Front Resealable Bags

Serve snacks safely in these clear front resealable bags. They come in a number of different sizes and can be filled with numerous treats, such as nuts, popcorn, or even candy, for your guests to nibble on..

Cutlery Paper Bags

Cutlery should also be individually packed so that it's protected. These paper bags are a simple solution that solves the problem. Add a fun sticker or ribbon to match your theme, and you're ready!