Hosting a party for your 6-year-old? Looking for trending themes in 2023? Be sure to check out this roundup of the 27 most popular six-year-old party ideas for girls and boys.

It is truly a wonderful age where kids wholeheartedly believe in magic (and birthday cake!).

We curated this list from the most popular birthday party themes for girls and the most popular boy birthday themes from our site in 2023.

Be sure not to miss all our first birthday girl themes too!

27 Most Popular 6 Year Old Party Ideas!

Kids at this age have thriving imaginations and love their favorite characters and movies such as Peppa Pig and Encanto.

Take a look at all of the fun party themes we have rounded up for your child’s birthday, such as Toy Story parties, mermaid parties, and unicorn parties to name just a few.

Enjoy all the creativity!

Most Popular GIRL Birthday Party Themes for 2023!

1. Encanto Parties

The movie Encanto has become a worldwide success and kids can’t seem to get enough of it! If your child can’t stop singing songs like “Surface Pressure,” and the renowned “‘”We don’t talk about Bruno,” then you have got to throw them an Encanto-themed birthday party.

Design the party around their favorite character and their magical talent. For instance, Isabella has the power to create flowers and make everything beautiful. So how about decorating your party with lots of flowers and making it as pretty as can be?

Make your party extra special and serve Colombian-inspired party food such as arepas.

Browse real Encanto parties here.

Encanto birthday party

2. Princess Parties

There’s not a little six-year-old that doesn’t dream of one day being a princess. What could be better than making your daughter feel extra special and treating her like royalty and giving her the most memorable birthday party with a princess-themed party?

If she has a favorite princess like Elsa, Ariel, or even Snow White, or Cinderella, use her as the party theme. If she loves all of them then simply throw a pink princess party where your daughter is the star.

Browse real princess parties here


And if you want free little princess party printables and free editable princess party printables to decorate your party, we’ve got those too for your baby girl!

Princess birthday party

2. Woodland Parties

Children find cute woodland animals irresistible so make that the theme of your child’s party. Decorate your child’s woodland birthday party with as many woodland animals as you can such as deer, foxes, bunnies, etc…

A great party activity for a woodland party is a petting zoo with adorable furry animals!

It’s a great theme for both boys and girls alike, and all you need to do is make it blue or pink, accordingly, and add more or fewer flowers.

Browse real woodland parties here.

Woodland birthday party

4. My Little Pony Parties

Young girls can’t get enough of Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and all the other Little Ponies’ adventures!

It’s a great excuse to decorate with vibrant colors and brighten up your birthday celebration!

We’ve rounded up our best My Little Pony party ideas to inspire you.

Browse real My Little Pony parties here.

My Little Pony birthday party

5. Unicorn Parties

An all-time favorite party theme is undoubtedly a unicorn party.

They continue to be ever so popular, and full of magic and enchantment that will mesmerize any 6-year-old’s birthday party! If the party is a small group, how about turning it into a sleepover.

First, look at these insanely beautiful unicorn cakes from real parties added to our site.

Browse real unicorn parties here.


And then decorate your party on a budget with our free unicorn party printables and our free unicorn party printables for little girls.

Unicorn birthday party

6. Mermaid Parties

Another mystical party theme that is especially appropriate if you are throwing a party in the summer is a mermaid party.

Take it up a level and throw a fun pool party! There’s nothing better than splashing around, right?

Add these special mermaid treats like seashell cookies, popcorn, ice cream, and other fun snacks to your menu.

Be sure to decorate your party with pretty shells, mermaid tails and underwater treasures.

And here’s a collection of fun mermaid party games and activities to add to the birthday fun!

Plus check out these amazing mermaid birthday cakes for inspiration.

Browse real mermaid parties here.


Also, don’t miss all our free mermaid party printables to decorate your party on a budget and in style! We’ve even got a set of free vintage mermaid party printables.

Mermaid birthday party

7. Rainbow Parties

If you love color and want to host a party that is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, then look no further! What a great 6th birthday theme and one you can personalize however you like.

We got the most inspiring rainbow party ideas to prove it!

Host a rainbow party in your backyard or at any venue. Just add an assortment of colored balloons and you’ve got your theme.

Rainbow parties are incredibly popular, especially with younger party guests (but also works for teens).

What’s great about them is you can either go with bold bright colors, or a more muted, but equally as beautiful, version and have a boho rainbow party instead.

Browse real rainbow parties here.

Rainbow birthday party

8. Minnie Mouse Parties

A Minnie Mouse-themed party is a classic! She’s been around forever (at least it feels like that) and she has a special place in everyone’s heart.

If you want to look at incredible Minnie Mouse cakes from real parties on our site, we’ve got them for you. Or take a look at these must-have Minnie Mouse party ideas.

Browse real Minnie Mouse parties here.


Decorate your party with our free Minnie Mouse party printables in pink or free Minnie Mouse party printables in red.

Minnie Mouse birthday party

9. Frozen Parties

One of our most popular princess-themed parties continues to be Frozen.

If your daughter loves Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, then this is a great choice for a birthday party, especially if it’s during the winter.

Here’s our roundup of fantastic Frozen and Frozen 2 cakes from our site. Or how about a collection of real Frozen dessert tables and some of the best Frozen parties added to Catch My Party?

Browse real Frozen parties here.


And if you’d like fun and free Frozen party printables and adorable free Frozen 2 party printables to decorate your party without spending a lot a fortune, definitely use them!

Frozen birthday party

10. LOL Surprise Dolls Parties

If you have a LOL Surprise Dolls fan in your house, how about throwing her a memorable LOL Suprise Dolls-themed birthday?

Don’t miss our favorite LOL Surprise Doll party ideas. And get inspired by these LOL Surprise Doll cakes from real parties from our site.

Decorate with lots of bows, flowers, and hearts, and you can’t really go wrong.

Browse real LOL Surprise Doll parties here.

LOL Surprise Dolls birthday party

11. Candy Parties

Anyone with a sweet tooth will have trouble resisting a candy-themed birthday party!

It’s any child’s dream! Can you imagine!? Decorate and serve as much candy as you can and just look at their faces in delight!

If you need a fun and inexpensive party favor idea, check out these DIY candy kebobs. They’re so easy to make!

Browse real candy parties here.

Candy birthday party

12. Barbie Parties

If your daughter loves nothing more than spending hours playing with her Barbies and dressing them up, then a Barbie-themed party will fit her like a glove!

Here are all our Barbie themed party inspirations to give you ideas.

Perfect for all future stylish fashionistas, make sure you decorate with lots of pink and black!

Browse real Barbie parties here.

Free Barbie Party Printables

Download our pretty free vintage Barbie party printables to decorate your party on a budget.

Barbie birthday party

13. Fairy Parties

For the ultimate magical party theme, treat the birthday girl and her friends to an impressive fairy party!

If you are looking for a party activity have them make their very own light up fairy jars, that double up as a party favor.

Create an enchanting ambiance full of fairies and flowers, that will transport everyone to a land they have only ever dreamed of. And to top it off, make it a fairy tea party!

Treat your guest to a whimsical party where they can let their imaginations run wild in their fairy costumes, and play make-believe.

Create a woodland ambiance by decorating with natural elements like flowers, leaves, and branches. Add some magic to your party decorations with the help of some fairy lights.

Browse real fairy parties here.

Free Fairy Party Printables

Be sure to download our FREE fairy party printables and use them to decorate your party!

Fairy birthday party

14. Peppa Pig Parties

Peppa Pig is a much-loved animated tv show by many boys and girls alike. If you’re looking for a fun birthday party theme, you can’t go wrong with Peppa Pig!

If you have a Peppa, or George, fan in your house, you really can’t go wrong with a Peppa Pig-themed birthday party.

Browse real Peppa Pig parties here.

Peppa Pig birthday party

These Are the Most Popular BOY Birthday Party Themes for 2023!

15. Dinosaur Parties

There are so many kids out there that absolutely love dinosaurs. If yours is one of them then this party theme is a must for them!

We’ve got so many cool dinosaur party ideas that you really don’t want to miss.

Here’s a collection of incredible dinosaur cakes from real parties on our site.

Party Tip: Set up a dinosaur dig or scavenger hunt for dinosaur bones as a party activity.

Browse real dinosaur parties here.

Free Dinosaur Party Printables

Download our free dinosaur party printables to decorate your party and make it roar!

Dinosaur birthday party

16. Baby Shark Parties

I’m sure, like many of us, lots of you have found yourselves humming along to Baby Shark throughout the day.

Kids can’t seem to get enough of Baby Shark, so treat them to an under the sea adventure and throw them a Baby Shark birthday party with these amazing Baby Shark party ideas!

Browse real baby shark parties here.

Free Baby Shark Party Printables

Download our free baby shark party printables to decorate your party and make it sing!

Baby Shark birthday party

17. Superhero Parties

Kids are totally blown away by the bravery and ability to save the day that superheroes have!

We have great superhero party ideas we’ve collected from real parties on our site.

There are so many movies and TV shows nowadays that it’s impossible for young kids not to be impressed and look up to superheroes for inspiration.

Party Tip: Ask everyone on our guest list to come in costume as their favorite superhero!

Browse real superhero parties here.

Free Superhero Party Printables

Also, download our free superhero party printables to decorate your party in a pow-erful way!

Superhero birthday party

18. Mickey Mouse Parties

As with Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse is such a fun-loving character and has a special place in so many hearts from an early age.

For inspiration check out the terrific Mickey Mouse party ideas we’ve rounded up from real parties from our site.

Browse real Mickey Mouse parties here.

Free Mickey Mouse Party Printables

Download our free Mickey Mouse party printables to decorate your party in style with a Happy Birthday banner, cupcake toppers, and party favor tags!

Mickey Mouse birthday party

19. Toy Story Parties

If your child loves the movie, chances are he’d love a Toy Story party too, which is why you don’t want to miss these fun Toy Story party ideas we’ve collected from real parties on our site!

This is why kids love watching the movies and why it’s the perfect theme for anyone that loves Buzz, Woody, and the gang!

Check out these cute Toy Story party ideas to help you plan your.

Browse real Toy Story parties here.

Toy Story birthday party

20. Safari Parties

One of our most popular kids’ birthday parties, especially with younger kids that love animals, is safari parties.

If your child loves visits to the zoo and everything about wild animals, such as elephants, lions, and giraffes, then this theme is for them!

Also, here’s a cute jungle garland DIY you can display at your party.

Browse real jungle safari parties here.

Free Safari Party Printables

Download our free safari party printables and our free safari young kid party printables to decorate your party beautifully!

Safari birthday party

21. Farm Parties

If instead, they can’t resist farm animals, a farm-themed party is your best bet.

As long as your party is jam-packed with their favorite animals it’s sure to be a hit!

Browse real farm birthday parties here.

Farm birthday party

22. Paw Patrol Parties

Young kids have so much fun watching Paw Patrol and following all the pup’s adventures with their friend Ryder.

So you can only imagine just how happy your child would be with a Paw Patrol-theme birthday party with all his friends!

Check out these inspiring Paw Patrol cakes from real parties on our site.

Browse real Paw Patrol parties here.

Paw Patrol birthday party

23. Circus Parties

There’s so much fun to be had at a circus, and a circus party is no different!

For inspiration, check out all our excellent circus/carnival party ideas.

We also have great circus/carnival party game ideas that all your little guests will love.

If your child loves clowns, party games, and circus animals he’ll go crazy with a circus-themed party!

Browse real circus parties here.

Free Circus/Carnival Party Printables

To take your party to a new level, be sure to download this set of free circus/carnival party printables or our new collection of free retro circus/carnival party printables.

Circus birthday party

24. Space Parties

Kids are fascinated with space, and can hours looking up at the stars and imagining what’s out there.

Treat your child to an out-of-this-world space-themed party they’ll never forget!

Decorate with stars and planets to create a space vibe.

Browse real space parties here.

Free Space Party Printables

And download our free outer space party printables to make your party blast off!

Space birthday party

25. Sesame Street Parties

If your child could spend hours glued to Sesame Street learning with his or her favorite characters, such as Big Bird and Elmo, then they’d love a Sesame Street-themed party.

Include as many letters and numbers as part of your party decorations.

Browse real Sesame Street parties here.

Sesame Street birthday party

26. Pokemon Parties

Playing with Pokemon cards, watching the Pokemon Anime series, or watching the Detective Pikachu movie, has made Pokemon a huge phenomenon!

Here are our best Pokemon Go party ideas to inspire you.

Also don’t miss these incredible Pokemon cakes from real parties on our site and our favorite Pokemon desserts.

Kids love everything about Pokemon Go, so a Pokemon party is the perfect choice for a fan.

Browse real Pokemon parties here.

Pokemon birthday party

27. Minions Parties

If Despicable Me is constantly on repeat in your house, then there’s no doubt that you need to throw your kid a Minion-themed party.

Here are some of favorite Minion party ideas from real Minion parties on our site.

Also, you won’t believe all these fantastic Minion cakes from real parties.

Plus why not serve these homemade Minion cookies or Minion popsicles.

If you’re looking for an easy Minion activity that could be a great party favor too, have your guests make their own Minion T shirts.

It’s a delight to watch kids laugh away at the Minion’s antics. They get up to so much nonsense and are such fun characters.

Browse real Minion parties here.

Minion birthday party

For more inspiration, check out all our amazing birthday party themes for girls and birthday party themes for boys.

Need more birthday party ideas and inspirations?