A sleepover or slumber party is such a popular way to host a party, especially for tweens, teens, and even adults!

Check out the 50 fabulous sleepover party themes and party activities that we have rounded up for you.

Kids are going to love the midnight snacks, and staying up till the early hours chatting away with their best friends, which is why sleepover parties are always so much fun and are a great way to celebrate a birthday.

You’ll find our best sleepover ideas for themes such as Barbie, mermaid, TikTok, and even Fortnite parties!

50 Dream Sleepover Party Themes!

Set up a bunch of pretty teepees, or even simply some sleeping bags laid out in a row or two, and treat your party guests in their pajamas to some fun sleepover games, plus pizza, chips, and cake!

Be sure to scroll down to find the perfect slumber party ideas.

Reasons to Love These 50 Dream Sleepover Party Themes!

50 Dream Sleepover Party Themes!

Sleepover Party Theme FAQs

How can I create a cozy sleepover atmosphere?

Set up sleeping areas with comfortable bedding, pillows, and blankets. Dim the lights and use fairy lights or candles for a warm ambiance.

What kinds of activities can I plan for the sleepover?

Activities can range from board games, karaoke, and DIY crafts to watching movies, having a dance party, or even doing a scavenger hunt.

Should I set specific rules for the sleepover?

Yes, establish some basic rules about behavior, noise levels, and respecting the space. Communicate these rules to guests to ensure a smooth night.

How can I handle homesickness or discomfort among guests?

Be empathetic and understanding. Create a cozy and welcoming environment, and have a backup plan for guests who might want to call their parents.

At what age is it typically appropriate for a child to start hosting sleepovers?

It’s generally considered appropriate for a child to start hosting sleepovers around the ages of 8 to 10, depending on their comfort level and maturity.

What are great party favors for a sleepover?

Select theme-appropriate party favors that can also function as party decorations, such as personalized sleep masks, mini spa kits, matching pajama sets, snack packs, personalized water bottles, stylish pillows, and charming stuffed animals.

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