We’ve rounded up 11 of the best virtual 40th birthday party ideas for a woman, so you can still come together with your female friends and have some much-needed fun.

Collage of the 11 Best Virtual 40th Birthday Party Ideas for a Woman

Pick a Virtual Party Platform to Host Your 40th Birthday

There are a bunch of hosting options out there but our favorite is Zoom because it is an easy virtual party platform that everyone can use.

Others include Google Hangout, Skype, Facebook Messenger Group Video, Houseparty, and even FaceTime.

If you want to learn more about the hosting platforms, check out the others in our throwing a party during social distancing blog post.

Now let’s get to the fun part…

Send Out 40th Birthday Invitations

To make the celebration seem even more special, you can either send out printed 40th birthday party invitations or virtual invitations. Either way, it helps your friends save the date for your party.

11 Best Virtual 40th Birthday Party Ideas for a Woman:

1: Birthday Brunch

Hosting a brunch with girlfriends is something we all desperately miss, so how about hosting an intimate virtual 40th birthday brunch online?

Get connected via Zoom with everyone. Sit down with a nice warm beverage or some juice (or a mimosa or Bloody Mary) and your favorite brunch food, and have some girl time and lots of laughs.

Share your favorite brunch recipes or go all out and have brunch delivered to everyone from a local restaurant.

Birthday Brunch

2: Online Cooking Class

There’s nothing better than cooking with your friends in your kitchen and then sharing your meal together over a glass of wine.

So how about taking this fun activity a step further and all doing an online cooking class together, or even hire a chef to give you all a private lesson in Zoom?

Pick a type of cuisine that you all love and have always wanted to learn, for instance, sushi or an Indian curry. Send everyone a list of ingredients beforehand, then get cooking.

Online Cooking Class

3: Cocktail Party

Not being able to meet up with friends for cocktails for your birthday is a bummer, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating your 40th with a drink!

Google a bunch of cocktails recipes, or use the drink recipes we have on Catch My Party, and share them online with your friends beforehand so they can stock up on the ingredients.

The fun part of this party activity is that all of you get to mix cocktails together, even if virtually, and drink them all in the comfort of your homes.

Add to the ambiance by creating a music playlist and sharing it with your friends.

An awesome idea for a cocktail party favor is to have a personalized cocktail glass delivered to each of your friends so they can use it during your party.

Cocktail Party

4: Wine Tasting

If you think having a glass of wine with friends is enjoyable and relaxing, how about hosting a virtual wine tasting with an actual sommelier‎?

Lots of wineries offer virtual wine tastings. Different kinds of wines are delivered to each person’s house, and then everyone is guided through the wine tasting experience on a video call.

Lots of fun is absolutely guaranteed!

Wine Tasting

5: Costume Party

Dressing up is always so much fun!

Pick a theme (like a favorite movie or tv show, or a fun decade) and ask everyone to grab a costume. Or just ask all your girlfriends to add some sparkle!

Keeping in mind it should be something easy that they’ll find in their closet.

If you want to take it up a notch, have a fabulous glam costume party!

Costume Party

6: Arts & Crafts Party

If you have a longing to do something artsy and creative with your friends, we’ve come up with the perfect virtual activity for you!

Get together with your girlfriends online and create a work of art, such as a painting or some ceramics.

Send everyone in advance a list of arts and crafts supplies, or better still, send them what they’ll need as a gift.

Paint by Numbers Kits are easy to use and great for beginners.

Arts & Crafts Party

7: Learn a Skill Together

If you and your friends have always wanted to learn a skill in particular, (like learning to knit, sew, carve wood, embroider, etc…) how about treating everyone to an online class you can all take together?

You could even hire a teacher and have them give you all a class on Zoom.

Learn a Skill Together

8: Talent Show

Many of us took up a new skill during lockdown (like playing an instrument, singing, dancing, you name it) with all that extra time we had on our hands.

As a fun virtual party activity, you could all show off your talents and keep everyone entertained at the same time!

You can bet it’ll be an awesome experience.

Talent Show

9: Movie Night

Another cool virtual party idea is to host a movie night you can share with your friends.

Get together online and stream a movie you can all watch at the same time with a bucket of popcorn.

You can use the Chrome extensions, Netflix Party if you want to watch a movie on Netflix, or use Vemos, which works with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, and Prime Video!

If you’d like to decorate your party use our free movie night printables.

Movie Night

10: Spa Party

There’s nothing like treating yourself to some self-love and pampering as an ideal way to celebrate your 40th birthday.

Get together virtually with your closest friends and indulge in some mani/pedis, skin treatments, face masks, makeovers, etc…

Treat everyone to a special delivery of spa products, or even make some yourself and have them delivered.

Don’t forget to glam up the occasion with some champagne and chocolates!

Spa Party

11: Yoga or Meditation Party

What better way to celebrate turning 40 during such an anxious time, than with some serious self-care.

Hire a yoga or mediation teacher to lead a class over Zoom for you and your friends.

You’ll see how powerful some simple stretching and deep breathing can be at melting away the stressors of our everyday lives, and how much fun it is to do it together! Ommm.

Yoga or Meditation Party

It’s not that hard to celebrate birthdays with your adult friends online, and it does each of us a world of good.

Also if you’re careful, it is possible to plan a live in-person birthday party with social distancing with safe party foods. The most important part is that we come together to mark milestones.

Also, if you have girlfriends celebrating the big 4-0, check out our roundup of thoughtful 40th birthday gift ideas for women.

We’d love to see how your virtual 40th birthday parties turn out, so please add your party photos to our site, Catch My Party, so we can share your parties with our community!



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