Don’t miss our 26 fab & easy dinosaur birthday cake ideas! if you are throwing a dinosaur party and need ideas for the perfect birthday cake, this is the post for you!

Whether you are looking for an easy dinosaur cake idea or a show-stopping cake that will surprise your party guest, we have ideas for all types of cake, so rest assured we have just what you need!

26 Fab Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas!

Sit back and enjoy all the best dinosaur birthday cakes we’ve rounded up for you from all the awesome dinosaur parties on our site!

26 Fab & Easy Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas

1: Jurassic Park Gates Birthday Cake

This Jurassic Park-themed cake is perfect if you are throwing a Jurassic Park birthday party!

Recreate the iconic Jurassic Park gates and decorate with greenery and iconic dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park Gates Birthday Cake

2: Sweet Pink Girly Dinosaur Cake

Little girls love dinosaurs as much as boys, so, if you are treating your daughter to a dinosaur-themed party you won’t want to miss this amazing pink dino cake!

Covered in pink fondant icing, each tier is decorated with delicate leaves, flowers, and cute dinosaurs with bows.

Sweet Pink Girly Dinosaur Cake

3: Dinosaur Volcano Cake

You won’t find a more dinosaur-themed cake than this one!

Covered with scary dinosaurs in a lush setting, you’ve got to love the fondant volcano topper.

4: Girly Dino Cake

This pink dino cake is so much fun and perfect for a little girl’s birthday!

Shaped like a cute dinosaur and covered with pretty fondant decorations, this cake is any girl’s dream.

Cute Pink Girly Dino Cake

5: Illustrated Dinosaur Cake

Sometimes the simplest cakes are those that stand out the most.

Simply decorate a white fondant cake with a T’Rex illustration and top it with the birthday boys’ age and you are good to go!

Illustrated Dinosaur Cake

6: Chocolate Tiered Dinosaur Cake

Transform a regular home-baked tiered chocolate cake into a dinosaur extravaganza by decorating it with some plastic dinosaurs, and lots of chocolate cake crumbs (that look like dirt), and finish it off with a fun numbered candle.

It really is that easy!

Chocolate Tiered Dinosaur Cake

7: Pink and Gold Triceratops Cake

This next cake is another wonderful example of a dino-themed cake for a girl that loves her dinosaurs.

Decorate a pink frosted cake with some green frosting, to make it look like it has grass on it, add some dinosaur-themed candy, and finish it off with a fabulous gold Triceratops!

Pink and Gold Triceratops Cake

8: Fondant Name Topper Dinosaur Cake

If you are looking for a cake that is going to impress your party guests, look no further!

Decorate a green fondant-tiered birthday cake with some greenery and decorate with dinos and a fondant name topper.

8: Fondant Name Topper Dinosaur Cake

9: Minimalist Dinosaur Drip Cake

Treat your guests to a stunning minimalist dinosaur-themed drip cake.

Decorate with some spikes and a claw, and top with a dinosaur and an egg.

Minimalist Dinosaur Drip Cake

10: Volcano Birthday Cake

WOW! If you really want to stop everyone in their tracks and blow them away with a show-stopping birthday cake then this next idea will definitely do that!

Serve your guests a creative volcano-themed dinosaur cake made with meringues.

Although this is a girl’s birthday cake it can also be adapted for a boy.

Volcano Birthday Cake

11: Dinosaur Claw Birthday Cake

Dinosaur claws have ripped through this cake to create a show-stopping birthday cake that will have every one of your guests in awe of this work of art.

Decorated with a bunch of dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints, this birthday cake is a must for any little paleontologist!

Dinosaur Claw Birthday Cake

12: Fun Dino Cake

This next cake also has dinosaur claws coming out of it but it’s not a menacing cake and is great for younger kids that can’t get enough of dinos!

It’s decorated with greenery and topped with a fun dinosaur, a fondant volcano, and some cool lollipops.

13: Geometric Dinosaur Cake

So many small kids find dinosaurs fascinating, so, if you have your very own little paleontologist running around the house, you can bet he’ll love this next dinosaur birthday cake.

Perfect for a dinosaur-themed party, this next birthday cake is really simple and looks amazing.

The white fondant cake is decorated with a bunch of geometric shapes and topped with a cute dino, and some cut-out leaves.

14: Jurassic Park Dinosaur Egg Birthday Cake

The movie Jurassic Park is a massive hit and has given dinosaurs a new breath of life. With every new movie that comes out, we see a rise in the number of dinosaur parties being shared with us on

If you are planning to throw a Jurassic Park-themed birthday party don’t miss this fantastic cake!

Each tier is different. There’s a tier covered in fondant greeney, another that’s rich orange and yellow with black dinosaur silhouetes, a black tier with an adapted version of the Jurassic Park logo that includes the birthday boy’s name, and a final top tier that is a dinosaur egg with a eye peaking out of it! Wow! What more could you ask for?

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Egg Birthday Cake

15: Dinsoaur Crate Birthday Cake

In the Jurassic park movies dinosaurs are transported in crates, so how about picking up on this idea and having a stacked crates birthday cake topped with an escaped dinosaur?

It’s great if you want something a little different but equally as impressive!

Dinsoaur Crate Birthday Cake

16: Illustrated Dinosaur Cake with Geometric Shapes

This next birthday cake is very different from traditional dinosaur cakes but is sure to take centerstage at your party.

All designed in white, with black outlined illustrated dinosaurs, this cake is decorated with simple triangles and the child’s name.

Illustrated Dinosaur Cake with Geometric Shapes

17: Ultimate Jurassic Park Birthday Cake

If you are looking for a cake that will proudly stand tall on your dessert table make sure you check this one out!

This cake is too Jurassic Park-themed, and includes a bunch of different tiers that do the movie justice!

Ultimate Jurasic Park Birthday Cake

18: Adorable Dino Cake

Younger kids will find this next cake adorable.

Decorated with cute friendly dinosaurs, this birthday cake is just what you need if your little one loves everything about dinos.

Adorable Dino Cake

19: Roaring Dino Jurassic Cake

Dinosaurs are notorious for their roars so how about celebrating them with an awesome cake like this one?

This cake is beautiful decorated with so much attention given to detail. The greenery is amazing, and what’s not to love about the roaring dinosaur topping it?!

20: Dinosaur-Themed Tiered Cake

If you love to bake and are up for it, how about trying to make a fun dinosaur cake like this one?

Covered in fondant decorations and a fabulous dinosaur, this cake is sure to stand out on your dessert table!

Dinosaur-Themed Tiered Cake

21: Dinosaur Spiked Birthday Cake

Dinosaurs are known for their menacing spikes so how about having a birthday cake decorated in them?

This teal and gold cake is very elegant and perfect if you are throwing a more minimalist dinosaur-themed party.

The gold dinosaur and the name topper look incredible!

Dinosaur Spiked Birthday Cake

22: Red and Black Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cake

Go all out and treat your party guests to this awesome Jurassic Park birthday cake.

The red and black tiers covered in greenery and dinosaur silhouettes make this birthday cake a cool pick that any fan of the movie would die for!

Red and Black Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cake

23: Lush Dinosaur Cake

This next dinosaur cake is so exquisite, with all the lush fondant greenery and the regal gold dinosaurs adorning it.

Your guests won’t be able to resist it!

Lush Dinosaur Cake

24: Jurassic World Drip Cake

Whether you are planning a Jurassic Park party or just a regular dinosaur party, this drip cake is a wonderful idea and so easy to imitate.

Get yourself a drip cake and top it with a plastic dinosaur toy. Add some green fondant leaves and some cookie crumbs and you are good to go!

Jurassic World Drip Cake

25: Colorful Dino Cake

Little dino enthusiasts will love a colorful birthday cake like this one.

Covered in cartoon-like fondant dinosaurs, palm trees, and volcanos this cake will certainly put a smile on their face.

Colorful Dino Cake

26: Show-Stopping Jurassic World Birthday Cake

If you want to make an impression then this cake is just what you are looking for.

Different from what is expected of a birthday cake, this Jurassic park-themed one includes a red and yellow bottom tier, and a fabulous tower made of beautiful meringues, and decorated with green fondant leaves.

Show-Stopping Jurassic World Birthday Cake

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