Dinosaur parties are incredibly popular on our siteKids can’t get enough of these awesome pre-historic beasts, especially if they loved the latest installment of the Jurassic World movies!

Be sure to check out these 40 fab dinosaur birthday party ideas to make planning your dino party creative and fun!

40 Incredible Dinosaur Party Ideas to Make You Roar!

You’ll find cool dinosaur party ideas like dinosaur birthday cakes, party games, FREE dinosaur party printables, fantastic dinosaur party decoration ideas, and so much more…

Be sure to check them all out for inspiration.

40 Incredible Dinosaur Party Ideas to Make You Roar!

1. FREE Dinosaur Party Printables

Download our FREE dinosaur printables to decorate your party.

The set has everything you might need such as a welcome sign, some dinosaur cupcakes toppers, some invitations, water bottle labels, dinosaur food labels, straw flags, party favor tags, and an awesome banner.

Free Dinosaur Birthday Party Printables

2. Dinosaur Party Invitation

Let everyone know they are invited to a T-Rex dinosaur party and that you are planning a party to remember, with this cute dinosaur party invitation.

All the little dinos are going to be so excited!

Dinosaur Party Invitation

3. Jurassic World Party Invitation

The new Jurassic World movie came out a couple of weeks ago and has been a box office hit. If your kid loved the movie and wants a Jurassic World-themed party then look no further for a party invitation.

I get chills just looking at it!

Jurassic World Party Invitation

4. Digital Dinosaur Party Invitation

If you want to quickly and easily spread the word about your party and invite all your friends, I recommend you send out digital party invitations.

With the click of a button, your guests will instantly get their invite and start counting down to the big day!

Digital Dinosaur Party Invitation

 5. Dinosaur Dessert Table

Make your guests feel like they’ve gone back in time and are fully immersed in a world of dinosaurs with this cool dessert table.

dinosaur backdrop filled with dinosaurs and dinosaur balloons brings it all to life and is a quick and easy way to instantly decorate your party.

Dinosaur Dessert Table

6. Prehistoric Dinosaur Dessert Table

If you have a larger venue and lots of space this next dessert table is a great idea.

Cover your backdrop in greenery to recreate the whole dinosaur universe and place some plants and leaves in and around your party food and other dinosaur decorations.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Dessert Table

7. Girl Dinosaur Birthday Party

Many girls love dinosaurs as much as boys, so if you have a little paleontologist at home how about throwing her a dinosaur party?

Decorate your dinosaur decorations with bows to give them a more girly feel.

Girl Dinosaur Birthday Party

8. Dinosaur Sleepover

Sleepovers are so on-trend right now so if your kid dreams of spending a fun night with his or her friends, you can treat everyone to an awesome slumber party.

Decorate your teepees with some dinosaur party decorations, such as a fab balloon garland, and thrill everyone to their very own stuffed dinosaur, that they can cuddle up to in the middle of the night and take home with them the next day.

Dinosaur Sleepover

9. Dinosaur  Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is always the show stopper at any party so transform a pretty simple one into a piece of art by decorating it with some dinosaur toppers and fondant leaves.

If you’re feeling adventurous and are good at handling fondant, you could also try creating a fondant volcano to top the cake.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

10. Jurassic Park Birthday Cake

If you are throwing a Jurassic Park-themed party this Jurassic Park-tiered birthday cake will blow you away!

Love the fondant gate that is so iconic in the movies.

Jurassic Park Birthday Cake

11. Girl Dinosaur Birthday Cake

If your looking for ideas for a pink dinosaur birthday cake look no further.

This pink-tiered prehistoric cake is adorable and everything a little girl that loves dinosaurs could wish for. What an adorable dinosaur cake topper!

What’s not to love about these cute fondant dinosaurs with little bows and flowers decorating the cake?

Girl Dinosaur Birthday Cake

12. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cookies

Cookies are also a big hit at parties and look fab on a plate.

If your baking skills are up to scratch and you’re throwing a Jurassic Park birthday, then check out these awesome cookies!

All you need is a Jurassic Park cookie cutter and some black, green, and white icing and you’re good to go.

Jurassic Park Cookies

13. Dinosaur Fossil Bones Cookies

These next dinosaur bones cookies are perfect cookies for a dinosaur party.

They look incredible on a plate and will be gone in no time.

Dino Bone Cookies

14. Dinosaur Cupcakes

WOW! Just look at these incredible dinosaur-themed cupcakes.

If you are handy in the kitchen and feel up to the task you can bet these cupcakes will blow everyone away.

Dinosaur Cupcakes

15. Dinosaur Cake Pops

Check out these adorable dino cake pops.

They are so much fun and are an awesome party food that looks wonderful on a dessert table and that kids will love too.

Dinosaur Cake Pops

16. Dinosaur Egg Cake Pops

Treat your guests to some dinosaur party food like these dinosaur egg cake pops.

It’s such a fun idea and is totally on theme.

Dinosaur Egg Cake Pops

17. White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Dino Bones

Another cool party food idea for your dinosaur party are these white chocolate-covered pretzels.

Place them in paper bags and labels them as ‘dinosaur bones’ and you are good to go.

Couldn’t be easier!

White Chocolate covered Pretzel Dino Bones

18. Dinosaur Donuts

Everyone loves a donut, so how about decorating a bunch of them with some fondant dinosaurs and you’ve got yourself an instant dinosaur-themed party food!

Place them on a donut wall to impress your guests.

Dinosaur Donuts

19. Jurassic Park Gate Party Decoration

If you are looking for the ultimate Jurassic Park party decoration then check out this amazing Jurassic Park gate!

Place it at the entrance of your party so your guests can step into a party they won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Jurassic Park Gate Party Decoration

20. Dinosaur Balloon Garland

Nowadays if you are having a party then you’ve got to have a balloon garland. They are so popular and a must-have at all parties.

Love that this balloon garland has been given a ‘dinosaur vibe’ by simply adding some foliage.

Dinosaur Balloon Garland

21. Balloon Dinosaur Party Decoration

Balloon decorations are everywhere at the moment. The bigger the better.

Decorate your party with a jaw-dropping dinosaur made up of balloons to impress your guests and take your party to another level!

Balloon Dinosaur Party Decoration

21. Foil Dinosaur Balloons

Foil balloons are an excellent party decoration because with no effort you can transform any space into a dinosaur habitat.

Get yourself as many as you can and scatter them throughout your venue.

Foil Dinosaur Party Decoration

22. Dinosaur Welcome Sign

Welcome everyone to your party with this cute sign that gets the ball rolling and greats everyone as they make their way into your celebration.

Dinosaur Welcome Sign

23. Dinosaur Backdrop

Sometimes finding the perfect backdrop for any dessert table can be tricky but this dinosaur bust backdrop is insane!

You know are in for a fun time when you have an actual dinosaur ripping through a wall and making an entrance.

Dinosaur Bust Backdrop

24. Dinosaur Table Settings

These dinosaur table settings are fantastic.

They really do take you back in time and make you feel like you are among the dinosaurs.

The large green leaf placemats and dino eggs decorating each plate are amazing!

Dinosaur Table Settings

25. Stegosaurus Dinosaur Party Paper Plates

If you are looking for something a little more fun how about decorating your tablescape with these awesome stegosaurus paper plates.

They look great and are so on theme!

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Party Paper Plates

26. Dinosaur Tail Seating

Kids are going to go crazy when they set their eyes on these dinosaur tails decorating each seat.

Not only are they a fab party decoration but kids are gonna love running around with them on.

They double up as a pretty cool photo booth prop and party favor too!

Dinosaur Tails

27. Dinosaur Centerpiece

Can’t wait to share this next idea!

This dinosaur-inspired centerpiece is such a treat and will amazing decorating a table at your dinosaur party.

Dinosaur Centerpiece

28. Dinosaur in Party Hats Centerpiece

Check out this fun centerpiece.

Dress up large plastic dinosaur toys with party hats and use them to decorate your table settings!

DInosaur in Party Hats Centerpiece

29. Dinosaur Party Hats

If you are looking for a party hat with a twist then check out these fun dinosaur-themed party hats.

Place one on each plate, so kids can grab theirs and start wearing them once they sit down.

They are a great party decoration and an awesome photo booth prop that will bring so much color to your photos.

Dinosaur Party Hats

30. Dinosaur Mask Photo Booth Props

Fooling around at a party photo booth is always a lot of fun, and what a better way to have a laugh at a dinosaur party than with some fantastic dinosaur masks.

Kids are going to love dressing up so have some dinosaur masks at hand for them to help themselves.

Dinosaur Mask Photo Booth Props

31. Dinosaur Photo Booth

This dinosaur photo booth is the perfect backdrop for all your fun photos.

Create a backdrop with some paper streamers, some dinosaur cutouts and a beware sign, and you’re good to go.

Dinosaur Photo Booth

32. Dino Dig Party Activity

Digging for dinosaur fossils with undoubtedly be the highlight of any dinosaur party!

There’s nothing better than digging around in the dirt (sand) looking for some dinosaur bones like a true paleontologist.

Set up this fun dinosaur dig activity by filling a small pool with sand and hide a bunch of plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons in among it.

Dinosaur Dig Party Activity

33. Artist Dinosaur Painting Party Activity

There’s an artist in everyone, so how about creating an arts area at your party so your guests can show off their artistic talents.

Set up a canvas, paints, and paintbrushes for each guest and have each one paint their own dinosaur.

What’s great is that they can then take their canvas home and put it up on their bedroom wall.

Dinosaur Dig Party Activity

34. Dinosaur Toss a Bean Bag

Looking for a dinosaur party game? How about a bean bag toss with a dinosaur twist. Have your guests take aim at a dinosaur’s mouth.

The closer they get to the mouth the more points they’ll score. Dino-mite!

Dinosaur Toss a Bean Bag

35. Dinosaur Piñata

There’s not a kid out there that doesn’t love bashing a pinata to bits and catching as much candy as humanely possible.

This dinosaur pinata is a great pick for a dino party. Love that it doubles up as a party decoration too.

36. Dinosaur Excavation Party Favors

Send each little paleontologist home with their very own excavation kit so they can keep looking for dino bones way after the party is over.

Don’t forget to add a magnifying glass to help them on their dig.

Dinosaur Excavation Party Favor

37. Adopt a Dinosaur Party Favors

Treat each of your guests to their very own plush party favor dinosaur toy.

Place them all in a large basket and let each child pick one on their way out. Don’t forget to hand out adoption certificates with each one.

Adopt a Dinosaur Party Favor

38. Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

Fill some green paper bags with a bunch of dino-themed goodies and decorate them with some awesome dinosaur party horns.

Not only will they look fantastic but the kids are gonna love them to!

Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

39. Dinosaur Party Favor Backpacks

Last but not least send your guests home with one of these fantastic dinosaur backpacks full of goodies.

They’ll come in really handy for trips or even for school and are a great way to remember an awesome day!

Dinosaur Party Favor Backpacks

40. Hire a Real Life Dinosaur and Trainer

Perfect entertainment for your dinosaur birthday party. A real life dinosaur!
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Need Dinosaur party ideas?

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