Get Ready for Some Barbie Fun with Printable Bingo Game!

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Barbie party game that will bring joy to Barbie fans of all ages? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you – download our FREE printable Barbie Bingo game to add excitement and entertainment to your next celebration.

This FREE printable Barbie Bingo game is not only a must-have Barbie party activity, but it is also a fantastic way to relive the magic of the Barbie movie. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Barbies and their glamorous adventures.

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Download Barbie Bingo

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!

Download Barbie Bingo

With beautifully designed bingo cards featuring various Barbie characters and iconic symbols, this game is guaranteed to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, a playdate, or a family gathering, the Barbie Bingo game will have everyone eagerly anticipating their turns.

So why wait? Bring the magic of Barbie to your party without breaking the bank. Download and print the FREE printable Barbie Bingo game now, and get ready for hours of excitement, laughter, and friendly competition. Let’s make your Barbie-themed celebration shine with this memorable and affordable party activity!

Download Barbie Bingo

Reasons to Love This FREE Barbie Printable Bingo Game

Download Barbie Bingo

What is Included in the FREE Barbie Printable Bingo Game:

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!
FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!
FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!
FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!
FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!
FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!
FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!

Download Barbie Bingo

Key Supplies

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!

How-To Steps

Step 1

Download the printable Barbie bingo game from your browser to your computer.

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!

Step 2:

Open the file on your computer and print all ten cards using your color printer and some 8.5×11 inch card stock. 

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!

Step 3:

Cut out each bingo card and pass them out to your party guests.

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game!

Step 4:

Have the host call out items off the instruction sheet (in random order), and if anyone has the image on their different game cards, they must cover it with a marker (pennies and candies work great).

Step 5:

The winner is the first person that covers an entire row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines) on their bingo card and yells “Bingo”! This game is so much fun!

Download Barbie Bingo HERE!!

Tips and Substitutions

FREE Printable Barbie Bingo Game FAQs

What can I substitute for card stock?

You can substitute regular cardstock with a bunch of different types of paper such as quality photo paper or even regular printer paper.

What size paper do I need?

You’ll need an 8.5″ x 11″ sized sheet of paper.

What if the pdf file doesn’t print?

Make sure you download the pdf file onto your computer and print from that file. If you are having trouble, try downloading the pdf file using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc…).

How many times can I use these Barbie bingo printables?

Once you’ve downloaded the file you can print, and reprint these fun FREE printables, as many times as you like!

Do I need to print all of the Barbie bingo cards?

You can either print the entire set or individual pages. To do so enter the page number, or page range in the “pages” field when you select “print”.

Can I use these free printables last-minute?

Yes! As long as you have enough time to print and prepare everything you need, you’ll have your own copy for personal use in no time.

How can I use these printables if I don’t have a home printer?

1. You can use a public printer at a library, internet cafe, or print shop for a fee.
2. You can email the file to a friend or family member with a printer who will kindly print it out for you.
3. Use an online printing service (FedEx Office, Staples, and Office Depot/OfficeMax) that will allow you to upload your printable high-resolution digital file and have it printed and shipped to you.

Do you have more fun ideas for a Barbie party?

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How many players are needed to play the Barbie printable bingo?

You’ll need at least 2 players

What are great prize ideas for the winner?

You can treat the winner to a number of different Barbie-themed prizes, such as Barbie dolls, themed puzzles, accessory sets, craft kits, and stylish tote bags.

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