Stay ahead of the party game with our handpicked list of the most anticipated and popular boy birthday themes for 2024. Your celebration is poised to be on-trend and ahead of the curve!

To help you design your party, download any of our FREE boy birthday party printables and use them to decorate on a budget!

We’ve all-time favorite boy themes, such as Mickey Mouse and prince birthdays for younger kids, to more recent Fortnite and Minecraft parties for older kids.

We’ve also got a bunch of wonderful 1st birthday themes for baby boy that you won’t want to miss!

Reasons to Love These Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024

1. Minecraft Parties

Chances are if your kid loves playing video games he’ll love Minecraft, which is why this is one of our many perfect birthday party themes for boys!

The Minecraft parties have been around for some time now but they continue to be one of the most popular boy party themes we have on our site, with so many must-see Minecraft party ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit.

And if you’re looking for Minecraft birthday cake ideas, wait until you see this post!

There are so many incredible Minecraft party activities you could treat your guests to, including a fun game of our FREE Minecraft printable bingo!

Party Tip: Have your guests make their own Minecraft Creeper pizza!

Browse real Minecraft parties here.

Free Minecraft Party Printables

Make sure you download our FREE Minecraft party printables and use them to decorate your party.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2023 - Minecraft Parties

2. Circus Parties

A party theme that is guaranteed to be lots of fun is a circus/carnival party, and we’ve so many incredible circus/carnival party ideas that you don’t want to miss!

We also have fantastic circus/carnival party game ideas that all your little guests will love.

It’s an awesome theme with all the clowns, fantastic party games, and circus animals.

Everyone is sure to have a great time, and it’s a great theme for an adorable 2nd birthday theme for a boy too!

Party Tip: Provide traditional snacks that you’d expect to find at a circus or carnival, such as popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, snow cones, and nachos.

Browse real circus parties here!

Free Circus/Carnival Party Printables

To take your party to a new level, be sure to download this set of free circus/carnival party printables or our new collection of free retro circus/carnival party printables.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Circus birthday party

3. Star Wars Parties

Star Wars is so big and has such a huge fan following that it’s no surprise that Star Wars-themed parties continue to be one of the many popular birthday themes for boys in 2024.

With the release of shows like Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Star Wars franchise just keeps on giving and transporting kids (and adults alike) out of this galaxy.

We have loads of out-of-this-world Star Wars party ideas that you won’t want to miss.

Party Tip: Serve some Star Wars-themed party food, such as our Star Wars toffee and some Star Wars chocolate candy!

Browse real Star Wars parties here.

Free Space Party Printables

Check out our FREE Star Wars party printables and use them to decorate your party!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Star Wars birthday party

4. Fortnite Parties

Fortnite birthday parties have been massive hits these past couple of years and have definitely gone nowhere in 2024.

They are the perfect theme for a die-hard Fortnite player and you can bet your guests won’t know what hit them.

This can be a fun teen birthday party theme too.

You’ve so many awesome Fortnite party ideas that you won’t want to miss, as well as show-stopping Fortnite birthday cakes that are sure to take center stage on your dessert table.

Party Tip: The ultimate Fortnite party activity will have to be an actual Fortnite tournament with prizes.

Browse real Fortnite parties here.

Free Fortnite Party Printables

Don’t miss out on our FREE Fortnite party printables. They are just what you need to decorate your party if you are on a budget!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Fortnite birthday party

5. Super Mario Parties

Super Mario Bros. is an iconic gaming franchise, and Mario and Luigi are some of the most beloved characters in the gaming world.

Recently, Super Mario-themed parties have gained tremendous popularity among gamers. With the constant evolution of the gaming industry and the timeless appeal of Mario, hosting a Super Mario Bros. party is sure to be a hit for all gaming enthusiasts in 2024.

We’ve loads of awesome Super Mario party ideas and a ton of Super Mario party supplies that you won’t want to miss!

Party Tip: Create a gaming zone with classic Super Mario Bros. decor, and set up a photo booth with props like Mario hats and mustaches. For party favors, consider giving guests small gaming accessories or a mini Super Mario Bros. figurine to take home and cherish.

Browse real Super Mario parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Super Mario birthday party

6. Dinosaur Parties

Dinosaurs may have become extinct but the party theme definitely isn’t!

With the help of movies like Jurassic Park, dinosaurs have become a must-have party theme jam-packed with loads of fun dinosaur party ideas.

Take a look at our collection of cool dinosaur birthday cakes from real parties added to our site!

Party Tip: Set up a dinosaur dig or scavenger hunt for dinosaur bones as a party activity.

Browse real dinosaur parties here.

Free Dinosaur Party Printables

Download our FREE dinosaur party printables to decorate your party.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Dinosaur birthday party

7. Baby Shark Parties

They aren’t many parents out there who haven’t found themselves singing Baby Shark throughout the day!

If you’re one of them, then the chances are your little boy would love a Baby Shark party!

Take your guests on a fun under-the-sea adventure and be sure to check out all our awesome Baby Shark party ideas!

Party Tip: Create a Baby Shark playlist that includes the Baby Shark song and other catchy tunes that kids will love, and play games that involve the children dancing or singing along.

Browse real Baby Shark parties here.

Free Baby Shark Party Printables

Download our free baby shark party printables to decorate your party and make it sing!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Bay Shark birthday party

8. Superhero Parties

Boys look up to superheroes for their bravery and ability to always save the day (pretty much like us parents).

Awesome movies and tv shows from Marvel and DC have given this generation of kids the opportunity to get to know and admire a bunch of superheroes, such as Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and a bunch of new favorites such as She-Hulk and Moon Knight.

Superhero parties are a great party theme that each year seems to grow in popularity and they’re perfect for tweens.

Don’t miss all our best superhero party ideas from parties on our site.

Party Tip: Ask your party guests to come in costume as their favorite superhero!

Browse real superhero parties here.

Free Superhero Party Printables

Also, if you are on a budget, download our free superhero party printables to decorate your party!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Superhero birthday party

9. Mickey Mouse Parties

No one can resist Mickey Mouse. He’s such a fun-loving character that seems to capture everyone’s heart from a very early age.

Mickey Mouse parties are still going strong in 2024 and are among the most popular themes we have on our site.

Get inspired by all the excellent Mickey Mouse party ideas we’ve rounded up from real parties from our site.

Party Tip: You may want to consider hiring a Mickey Mouse character performer to make an appearance at your party. Kids will love nothing more than getting to meet Mickey Mouse in person!

Browse real Mickey Mouse parties here.

Free Mickey Mouse Party Printables

Download our free Mickey Mouse party printables to decorate your party in style with a Happy Birthday banner, cupcake toppers, and party favor tags!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Mickey Mouse birthday party

10. Prince Parties

A prince-themed birthday party is one of those timeless classic themes that you can never go wrong with. It’s a great way to celebrate a baby’s first year.

It’s a great excuse to make your own little prince feel extra special on his birthday, so make you delve into all our fabulous prince party ideas for inspiration!

Party Tip: Set up a photo booth with a throne or royal backdrop.

Browse real prince parties here.

Free Prince Party Printables

Feel free to download our fabulous FREE prince-themed party printables and use them to decorate your regal celebration.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Prince birthday party

11. Safari Parties

Safari and jungle birthday parties are undoubtedly one of our most popular and fun birthday party ideas of of 2024.

Kids go crazy with all the wild animals, such as giraffes, elephants, and lions.

So treat your son to an experience of a lifetime with a safari animal-packed party!

Party Tip: Hire a wildlife expert or a zookeeper to bring live animals to your party and educate kids about different species.

Browse real safari parties here.

Free Safari Party Printables

Download our free safari party printables and our free safari young kid party printables to decorate your party beautifully!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Safari birthday party

12. Paw Patrol Parties

Younger boys love watching Paw Patrol and keeping up with all the pup’s adventures with their friend Ryder.

First, take a look at all the Paw Patrol-theme birthday party inspirations we put together to help you plan.

Then check out these inspiring Paw Patrol cakes from real parties on our site.

Browse real Paw Patrol parties here.

Party Tip: Create a Paw Patrol Rescue Mission where you set up an obstacle course that includes challenges like crawling through tunnels, jumping over hurdles, and retrieving objects. Each child can takes a turn and is rewarded with a Paw Patrol badge or sticker.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Paw Patrol birthday party

13. Pirate Parties

If you are looking for an exciting and adventurous theme to capture your kids’ imagination what about throwing them a pirate-themed party? We have a bunch of fantastic pirate party ideas that you won’t want to miss!

It’s a great opportunity for kids to dress up and pretend to be on a treasure hunt or walk the plank.

Decorate with pirate-themed props, such as treasure maps, skulls, and swords, and serve pirate-themed snacks and drinks.

Party Tip: Use pirate-themed party decorations such as skull and crossbones flags, treasure chests, and nautical ropes to create a pirate vibe.

Browse real pirate parties here.

Free Pirate Party Printables

Download our FREE pirate party printables and use them to decorate your party.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Pirate birthday party

14. Toy Story Parties

To infinity and beyond!

There’s not a child that hasn’t watched Toy Story in awe with just the idea of their toys coming to life just like in the movie.

So treat your little boy and his friends to a special day with Woody and Buzz with a Toy Story-themed birthday party, full of wonderful Toy Story party ideas that we’ve collected from real parties on our site!

Party Tip: Encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite Toy Story character or create a dressing-up space with cowboy hats, bandanas, or space helmets.

Browse real Toy Story parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Toy Story birthday party

15. Space Parties

With space travel becoming ever more a reality, space-themed parties continue to be a hot trend for any would-be astronaut.

There’s nothing better than looking up at the stars and imagining your up there among them, looking down at planet earth.

Treat your son to an out-of-this-world party he’ll never forget!

Party Tip: Have your guests dress up in space-themed outfits, such as astronaut suits, alien costumes, or futuristic clothing.

Browse real space parties here.

Free Space Party Printables

And download our free outer space party printables to make your party blast off!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Space birthday party

16. Disney Car Parties

Lightning McQueen is a huge hit with fans of the Pixar movie ‘Cars’.

The movie is so cool and the characters are so lovable, that you can bet kids would go wild at the idea of a party in Radiator Springs.

Rev your engines and hit the gas, this is a party your son is going to love!

For inspiration check out all these incredible Cars party ideas we’ve put together from our best parties.

Party Tip: Set up a mini racetrack using toy cars.

Browse real Disney Cars parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Disney Cars birthday party

17. Spider-Man Parties

Superhero parties are really popular in general but if you have a Spider-Man wanna-be a home how about throwing a Spider-Man-themed party instead?

Spider-Man is a web-slinging superhero that kids love to watch jumping off buildings and saving the day.

I’d bet a Spider-Man party would be a great choice and a bunch of fun.

Party Tip: Serve some Spider-man snacks such as cupcakes with spider webs or some spider-man cookies

Browse real Spider-Man parties here.

Free Spider-Man Party Printables

Blow everyone away with these amazing FREE Spider-Man party printables.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Spider-Man birthday party

18. Woodland Parties

Woodland parties are a huge trend on our website. Both girls and boys can’t get enough of them.

There is something magical about a party full of adorable woodland animals such as deer, foxes, and bears.

You really can’t go wrong with this party theme, it’s a guaranteed hit for 2024.

For great ideas don’t miss all the must-see woodland party ideas we have taken from our best parties.

Party Tip: You may want to consider throwing your party in park, forest or any other outdoor space that has plenty of trees, bushes, and foliage to create a woodland atmosphere.

Browse real woodland parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Woodland birthday party

19. Farm Parties

Just like with safari parties, kids can’t seem to resist adorable farm animals, making farm-themed parties a trend that just keeps growing and growing.

If the first half of 2024 is anything to go by, you can bet farm-themed parties are going to be just as big during the second half!

Party Tip: Set up a farm animal petting area for kids to interact with chickens, ducks, or rabbits.

Browse real farm parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Farm birthday party

20. Lion King Parties

After the release of the live-action Lion King movie a couple of years ago, we’ve seen a massive rise in Lion King parties.

Safari parties are so popular and this spin-off theme is perfect if your child loves the movie and is into lions.

Party Tip: Treat everyone to a screening of the Lion King in your living room or backyard. Make sure you have enough seating, and that the screen is positioned in a way that everyone can see it. Serve lots of popcorn, candy and soda, so your guests will feel like they are at the actual movies.

Browse real Lion King parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Lion King birthday party

21. Race Car-Themed Parties

If your son is into cars and speed then a car-themed party is a perfect choice and so on-trend right now.

Young boys can spend hours playing with their toy cars so how about making the most of the theme and throwing a car birthday?

Party Tip: Send your guests home with fun party favors that match the car theme, such as toy cars, racecar driver hats, or personalized license plates.

Browse real car parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Race Car birthday party

22. Winnie the Pooh Parties

Winnie the Pooh is a classic all-time favorite in everyone’s life, who seems to have been around forever and is a big part of everyone’s childhood.

If you have a little boy who can’t get enough of Pooh Bears’ adventures with his friends in Hundred Acre Woods, then you really can’t go wrong with a Winnie the Pooh party.

Party Tip: Winnie the Pooh loves honey, so you could try incorporating some honey pots into your party decorations.

Browse real Winnie the Pooh parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Winnie the Pooh birthday party

23. Sesame Street Parties

Sesame Street parties filled with bright colors, ABC’s and 123’s are sure to delight all young boys out there that love the characters and everything about the show.

As with other classic themes, that continue to be popular year after year, Sesame Street is one of those themes that will be around as long as kids continue to be fans.

Party Tip: Plan some Sesame Street-themed party activities, such as “Pin the Nose on Elmo”, or a cookie decorating station inspired by Cookie Monster.

Browse real Sesame Street parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Sesame Street birthday party

24. Peter Rabbit Parties

Beatrix Potter’s collection of books are a classic and Peter Rabbit is the most popular of her characters.

Over the past couple of years, Peter Rabbit parties have become really popular. With the release of the new movie, I’m sure the theme will continue to be a hit throughout 2024.

Party Tip: Set up a garden-themed photo booth with props like bunny ears and gardening tools, and send your guests home with their very own copy of the Peter Rabbit book by Beatrix Potter.

Browse real Peter Rabbit parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Sesame Street birthday party

25. Trains Parties

So many kids out there are obsessed with trains and railways, so if you have one of these at home, you can bet a train-themed party is gonna make his day.

Treat him to an unforgettable birthday that he’s going to love to share with his friends.

Party Tip: Plan some train-themed activities, such as a train ride around the party area on a small train or a train-themed scavenger hunt.

Browse real Train parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Train birthday party

26. Airplane Parties

Sore to new heights in 2024 with an airplane-themed party.

As with car and train-themed birthdays, airplane parties are also a big hit with kids that dream of flying away.

Party Tip: Create a craft station where kids can make and decorate their own paper airplanes.

Browse real airplane parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Airplane birthday party

27. Video Game Parties

Embark on a quest for fun with a video game-themed party! The world of gaming is vast and diverse, making it an exciting and inclusive theme for your celebration.

As the gaming industry continues to innovate, a video game-themed party is a timeless choice that is sure to capture the excitement of gamers of all kinds in 2024.

Check out all our cool video game party themes for top quality inspiration!

Party Tip: Transform your venue into a gaming haven with a mix of iconic elements from different game genres. Create gaming zones with various consoles and offer a variety of games for everyone to enjoy. Enhance the atmosphere with pixel art decorations and consider setting up a photo booth with gaming-related props. Send your guests home with a loot bag filled with gaming accessories or treats, ensuring they carry the gaming spirit with them beyond the party.

Browse real video game parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Video games birthday party

28. Pokemon Parties

Step into the vibrant world of Pokemon and catch ’em all at your very own Pokemon-themed party! The enchanting realm of Pokemon offers a unique and immersive experience, making it an ideal theme for a celebration that promises adventure and excitement.

As the Pokemon universe continues to captivate hearts, hosting a Pokemon-themed party in 2024 ensures a nostalgic and thrilling experience for Pokemon trainers of all ages.

For inspiration check out all our Pokemon party ideas!

Party Tip: Transform your venue into a Pokemon Trainer’s haven with vibrant decorations featuring beloved Pokemon characters. Plan engaging activities like a Pokemon scavenger hunt or a ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ challenge for some friendly competition. Set up a photo booth with Pokemon-inspired props for picture-perfect memories. Don’t forget to send your guests home with a Pokemon-themed loot bag, complete with trading cards or small Pokemon treasures to extend the magic beyond the party.

Browse real Pokemon parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Pokemon birthday party

29. Construction Parties

If your little one has a passion for building and construction, then a construction-themed party is an excellent choice and incredibly popular at the moment.

Children are captivated by the world of construction, where big machines and builders work together to create amazing structures. It’s a theme that sparks excitement and creativity, making it the perfect pick for a memorable birthday bash.

Party Tip: Extend the construction theme beyond the party with fun and fitting party favors for your little builders. Consider sending them home with mini construction vehicles, construction helmets, or personalized tool belts for a keepsake that continues the construction fun long after the celebration is over.

Browse real Construction parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Construction birthday party

30. Cowboy Parties

If your little one dreams of wide-open spaces, dusty trails, and the thrill of the wild west, then a cowboy-themed party is a fantastic choice and a current trend that’s riding high.

Children often fantasize about being a cowboy, riding horses, and embarking on exciting adventures on the frontier. So why not turn those dreams into a rootin’ tootin’ birthday celebration?

We’ve a bunch of great cowboy party idea that you won’t want to miss!

Party Tip: Wrangle up the excitement by sending your young cowpokes home with fitting party favors like toy horses, cowboy hats, or personalized sheriff badges. It’s a wagonload of fun that will keep the cowboy spirit alive long after the last trail dust settles from the party!

Browse real cowboy parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Cowboy birthday party

31. Teddy Bear Parties

Step into the enchanting realm of teddy bears and soft snuggles with a teddy bear-themed party—an ideal choice that not only captivates the hearts of all ages but makes for an especially charming and memorable first birthday celebration.

Children often form enchanting connections with their teddy bears, making it a whimsical theme for a birthday celebration. Transport your space into a teddy bear wonderland, creating a cozy haven for all your little guests.

Party Tip: Share the fuzzy love by sending your young ones home with delightful party favors that align with the teddy bear theme. Consider charming options like mini teddy bears, bear ear headbands, or personalized honey bear jars. It’s a sweet way to ensure the warmth and joy of the teddy bear party linger in the hearts of your little ones.

Browse real teddy bear parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Teddy Bear birthday party

32. Fire Truck Parties

Turn up the sirens and roll out the hoses because a fire truck-themed party is blazing into town—a fantastic choice that’s as red-hot as it is timeless.

For those who dream of becoming everyday heroes, a fire truck-themed celebration is a fiery way to spark excitement. Transform your space into a bustling fire station, complete with flashing lights and rescue-ready decorations, creating an atmosphere that ignites the imagination!

Party Tip: Keep the firefighting spirit alive by sending your young firefighters home with party favors that echo the theme. Consider gifting them mini fire trucks, firefighter hats, or personalized fire hydrant-shaped cookies. It’s a blazing way to ensure the memory of the fire truck party lights up the smiles of your little heroes long after the celebration!

Browse real fire truck parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Fire Truck birthday party

33. Nautical Parties

Set sail for a nautical adventure with a themed party that’s as fresh as a sea breeze and timeless as the rolling waves.

For anyone who dreams of exploring the high seas, a nautical-themed celebration is the perfect anchor for a day filled with maritime magic. Transform your space into a shipshape haven, adorned with anchors, sailboats, and nautical wonders that transport guests to a coastal paradise.

Party Tip: Keep the maritime spirit alive by sending your young sailors home with party favors that echo the theme. Consider gifting them mini sailboats, sailor hats, or personalized seashell treasures. It’s a seaworthy way to ensure the memory of the nautical party cruises on in the hearts of your little adventurers long after the waves settle.

Be sure to check out all out fantastic nautical party ideas for inspiration!

Browse real nautical parties here.

Free Nautical Printables

Sail into a sea of fun with our FREE nautical printables or our even our FREE ‘set sail’ party printables – they are a wave of party perfection!

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Nautical birthday party

34. Sonic the Hedgehog Parties

Zoom into the high-speed world of Sonic the Hedgehog, an iconic gaming character in the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Sonic-themed parties currently reign supreme on the party scene. With the enduring appeal of Sonic and his friends, hosting a Sonic the Hedgehog party is bound to be a spin-tastic hit for gaming enthusiasts in 2024.

Party Tip: Amp up the excitement with a Sonic-inspired race or obstacle course – the ultimate Sonic experience for a memorable celebration!

Browse real Sonic the Hedgehog parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Sonic the Hedgehog birthday party

35. Monster Parties

Get ready to unleash some monster madness with a party that’s monstrously fun!

Monster-themed parties are roaring to life, clawing their way on the party scene. Dive into the chaotic world of wacky monsters, where the more eyes, the better, and every guest becomes a delightful creature of the night. Hosting a Monster party guarantees a monstrously good time for all the little monsters in 2024.

Party Tip: Amp up the fun by organizing a Monster Mash dance-off or a game of ‘Pin the Eye on the Monster.’ Keep the monster vibes going strong by sending your little creatures home with monstrous party favors like silly monster hats, gooey slime, or personalized monster stickers!”

Browse real monster parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Monster birthday party

36. Sports Parties

Dive into the dynamic world of sports with a themed party that celebrates the thrill of the game.

Sports-themed parties have become a universal favorite, reflecting the widespread love for a variety of sports. From the pulse-pounding action of soccer to the precision of basketball shots and the strategic moves in football, the appeal of sports transcends boundaries. The popularity of sports-themed parties lies in the excitement, teamwork, and camaraderie that these activities bring, making them a fantastic choice for an energetic and engaging celebration.

If you are throwing a football party download our FREE football birthday party printables or our FREE football printables. If you are looking for party food ideas you’ll love our recipes for Easy Game Day Football Whoopie Pies and or football cupcakes!

Party Tip: Tailor your party to highlight various sports with themed decorations and activities. Organize a mini-tournament or sports-themed relay races to keep the energy high. Capture the spirit of competition by sending your young athletes home with sports-themed party favors like mini basketballs, soccer balls, or personalized water bottles. It’s a winning formula for an unforgettable sports extravaganza!

Browse real sports parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Sport birthday party

37. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Parties

Get ready to kick shell at the best tubular party in town – a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bash that’s oozing with fun!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have burst out of the sewer and onto the party scene, bringing their ninja skills, pizza-loving vibes, and total awesomeness. With Leonardo leading the charge, Michelangelo throwing the party vibes, Donatello adding a tech twist, and Raphael bringing the attitude, your TMNT party is set to be a rad celebration!

Check out all our fun TMNT party ideas for cool inspiration!

Party Tip: Amp up the turtle power with pizza stations, ninja obstacle courses, and a sewer-themed dance floor. Encourage your young ninjas to come dressed as their favorite turtle or villain for extra laughs. Send them home with ninja headbands, turtle shell backpacks, or personalized TMNT gear – it’s a shell-shocking good time that they’ll be talking about until the next sewer adventure!

Browse real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - TMNT birthday party

38. Sleepover Parties

Get ready to throw the ultimate dude’s night in! Boy sleepovers are all about non-stop fun, gaming marathons, and making memories that’ll be the stuff of legends.

From movie marathons to video game showdowns, boy sleepovers are the ultimate playground for adventure. Whether they’re into superheroes, pirates, or space explorers, turn their interests into an epic sleepover experience that’ll have them talking about it until the next one.

We’ve got great sleepover party ideas for both boys and girls that you’ll love!

Party Tip: Create a fortress of fun with themed decorations, load up on snacks for the gaming fuel, and set the stage for epic pillow fights. As the night winds down, send the crew home with cool goodie bags packed with midnight snack essentials and themed treats, making sure the sleepover spirit lingers long after the last guest leaves. Get ready for a night filled with laughs, epic tales, and a whole lot of dude-approved fun!

Browse real sleepover parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Sleepover birthday party

39. Shark Parties

Dive into the action-packed world of boy birthday bashes with a shark-themed party, where the excitement is as endless as the ocean waves.

Shark parties are the ultimate theme for boys, capturing their fascination with the ocean’s apex predators and delivering a tidal wave of adventure. Whether it’s the thrill of daring rescues or the awe-inspiring wonders of marine life, a shark-themed celebration transforms their interests into a fin-tastic birthday experience.

Party Tip: Set the stage with shark-infested decorations, create ocean-inspired games, and make a splash with a jaw-dropping shark cake. From shark fin cupcakes to fish-shaped snacks, every detail adds to the underwater excitement. Send the party pod home with shark-themed goodie bags, ensuring the day’s adventure stays in their minds like a legendary sea tale. Get ready for a birthday party that’s as epic as the ocean itself!

Browse real shark parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Sharkbirthday party

40. Harry Potter Parties

Get ready to be spellbound in the wizarding world of a Harry Potter-themed celebration that’s magically fun for boys!

Harry Potter parties are the ultimate enchantment, casting a spell on young imaginations with wizardry wonders and fantastical adventures. Whether they’re dreaming of mastering spells or dominating the Quidditch pitch, a Hogwarts-inspired party magically transforms their love for the wizarding realm into a birthday experience that’s truly wizard-approved.

Don’t miss all these awesome Harry Potter party ideas!

Party Tip: Work your magic on the party space with enchanting decorations, conjure up spellbinding games, and bewitch taste buds with wizard-worthy treats. From sorting hat cupcakes to potion-making stations, every detail adds to the enchanting atmosphere. Send your young wizards home with wizard hats, magical wands, or personalized spell books, ensuring the magic lives on long after the last spell is cast. Brace yourselves for a birthday bash that’s as magical as a journey to Diagon Alley!

Browse real Harry Potter parties here.

40 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2024 - Harry Potter birthday party

Trending Boy Birthday Party Themes FAQs

How do I choose the perfect boy birthday party theme of my child?

Consider your child’s interests, and ask yourself what they enjoy doing, what their favorite TV shows, movies, or video games are, and what activities they like to participate in.
Make sure the theme is age-appropriate. Younger kids enjoy themes like dinosaurs, superheroes, or animals, while older ones prefer themes like sports, music, or video games.
Take into consideration your budget, location, and season when planning your party.

Tips for throwing a memorable birthday party for a boy

Start planning your party about a month in advance so you have plenty of time to organize and prepare.
Get creative with your decorations by using balloons, streamers, banners, etc… to help create a fun and festive atmosphere.
Treat your guests to fun games and activities, such as a scavenger hunt, a piñata, relay races, and a bouncy castle,.
Be sure to have a backup plan in case there are any unexpected changes in the weather.
Send the guests home with a small party favor, like a goodie bag filled with candy and small toys. It’s a lovely way to thank everyone for coming.

How many kids should I invite?

It depends on a number of different factors, such as the age of the child, Under 5 years old: 4-6 kids, between 6-10 years old: 8-12 kids, and over 10 years old: up to 15 kids.
Also, take into consideration the size of your venue and your budget.

How long should a boy birthday party last?

A party for a toddler should last 1-2 hours, while a party for an older child could be 2-3 hours.
Make sure you provide enough time for your guests to arrive, play games or do activities, enjoy snacks and cake, and open the presents.

When should I send out party invitations?

Consider sending out your invitations about 4-6 weeks before the party date. If you are throwing your party during a busy time of year (such as the holidays or summer vacation), you may want to send them out even earlier to ensure that everyone can attend.

What food should I serve at a boys birthday party?

Keep the party food simple and kid-friendly by serving food such as pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, and cupcakes. Keep in consideration any allergies or dietary restrictions your guests may have.

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