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10 Best Circus Games for Your Awesome Party!

Circus party games are a must-have at your circus parties, so we’ve rounded up the 10 best circus games. You’ll find great circus and carnival-themed party games such as a pin the nose, a ring toss, a beanbag toss, and many many more. Enjoy!

10 Best Circus Games for Your Awesome Party!

1: Peg Ring Toss

An old circus party game favorite is a classic ring toss.

The player must aim at the pegs and toss rings at them. The more pegs they land on the better the prize!

Circus party game supplies - Ring Toss

2: Duck Hunt Target Shoot

You can’t have a circus party and not have a duck hunt target shoot game!

Print out this template and place it on a board.

Each player has to hit as many ducks as they can, with either a nerf gun or some darts, to win a prize.

Circus party game supplies - Duck Hunt Target Shoot |

3: Beanbag Toss

Everyone loves a good bean bag toss!

This circus-themed bean bag toss game is fantastic and you can bet hours of fun are guaranteed!

Each player must throw a bean bag at each one of the characters and aim for the holes.

To win a prize they must be able to get them through.

Circus party game supplies - Beanbag Toss

4: Tin Can Alley

Tin can alley is such an easy party game to set up and so much fun to play!

Stack these cans in a pyramid on top of a barrel and have each player throw one to three beanbags at them. They need to knock down all or just a few cans to win a prize.

Circus party game supplies - Tin Can Alley

5: Bowling

Who doesn’t enjoy a great go at bowling?!

Set your pins and use a rubber ball to knock them down. Players win prizes depending on the number of pins they hit.

Circus party game supplies - Bowling

6: Pin the Nose on the Clown

Pin the nose is such a fun circus game that is also really easy to set up.

Tape the clown poster to the wall and place the sticky tape on the back of each nose.

Blindfold the player and spin them around a few times before pointing them in the direction of the poster.

You’ll have a blast watching them try to stick each nose in the right place.

The closest player wins!

Circus party game supplies - Pin the Nose on the Clown

7: Circus Big Tent Pinata

Kids love to pinatas and they make an awesome circus party decoration.

There’s nothing more exciting than smashing one to bits with a bat, and running around trying to catch as much candy as you can as it falls from the sky.

Circus party games supplies - Big Tent Pinata

8: Circus Game Signs

Give your circus-themed party an authentic feel by decorating each circus game with beautifully designed vintage-looking signs.

Simply place them at each game booth so your guests know what games are available.

Circus party game supplies - Party Signs

9: Circus-Themed Tattoos

If you want an easy party activity, how about offering your guests circus-themed tattoos with fun circus animals and circus characters.

Your guests will look so festive at your party decorated with these!

Circus Themed Tattoos

10: Aerial Trapeze

Let your guests feel like they are at a real circus by setting up an aerial trapeze that they can swing on.

Bring out the inner circus performer in them by teaching them small tricks. This will be a highlight at your party!

Aerial Trapeze

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