If you’re planning on throwing a carnival party, check out these 25 fun carnival games and party activities to keep your guests entertained.

Carnival games are always the best part of a carnival-themed party. Kids love them and there’s always a prize for everyone!

So, take a trip down memory lane, and go through all the awesome carnival games we’ve found for your party the greatest one in town.

Along with all these awesome carnival games supplies , make sure to check out all our awesome circus party game ideas too!

Have Fun With These 25 Carnival Games Party Supplies!

We’ve old favorites, such as a duck shooting gallery, a beanbag toss, tic-tac-toe, and balloon darts, to name just a few…

Reasons to Love These Carnival Games Party Supply Ideas!

23 Carnival Games Party Supplies

Carnival Game Party Supplies FAQs

What kind of prizes should I offer for carnival games?

Choose a variety of small toys, stickers, candies, or tokens as prizes for carnival games. Be sure to check out these circus games supplies too!

How can I make sure the carnival games are age-appropriate?

Adjust the difficulty level of the games based on the age group of the participants to ensure everyone can enjoy them.

Can I customize the carnival games to match my party theme?

Absolutely! Use decorations and signage that align with your party theme to enhance the carnival game experience.

How many carnival games should I include in my party?

Plan for at least 5-7 games to provide a variety of options and keep guests entertained throughout the party.

Are there any safety considerations for carnival games?

Ensure that the games have proper supervision, a secure setup and that any potential hazards are eliminated.

Need more carnival party ideas?

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