Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes fun Halloween celebrations for all!

I love the idea of “BOOing” and being “BOOed” which is why I can’t wait to share this awesome set of FREE “You’ve Been BOOed!” Halloween Printables!

For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s a fun way to spread the excitement of Halloween (and fun treats) among friends and neighbors.

It’s a little like a chain letter mixed with a Secret Santa, and it’s taking neighborhoods by storm!

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Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

Check out this terrific set of FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” printables to help you spread the excitement and fun!

If you love these Halloween printables do check out our whole collection of FREE Halloween party printables.

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

Reasons to Love These FREE “You’ve Been BOOed!” Halloween Printables!

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

The FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween party printable collection includes:

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

Key Supplies

Download the FREE "You've Been BOOed!" Halloween Printables Now!

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

How-To Steps

Step 1

Click to download the free “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween printables file and save the file on your computer.

How-To Steps

Step 2

Open the file on your computer and print the page using your color printer and some 8.5×11 inch card stock.

Step 3

Cut out all the “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween printables and assemble each of the items according to our step-by-step instructions:

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Poster

Place this “You’ve Been BOOed” Poster at the entrance to your party.

FREE "You've Been BOOed" Halloween Printable Poster

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Instructions

Add the instruction sheet to your BOO kit, and anonymously deliver it to a neighbor’s doorstep so they can enjoy the surprise and continue the Halloween cheer by BOOing someone else in the neighborhood.

"You've Been BOOed" Halloween Instructions

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Explanation Cards

Include an explanation card with each gift or treat left on your neighbor’s doorstep, offering a concise overview of the tradition and inspiring them to participate by BOOing others in the neighborhood.

"You've Been BOOed" Halloween Explanation Cards

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printable Cupcake Toppers

Add a touch of spooky charm to your cupcakes with these frightful “You’ve Been BOOed” cupcake toppers.

Simply place them on your cupcakes to instantly transform them into festive treats, perfect for sharing over Halloween.

"You've Been BOOed" Halloween Printable Cupcake Toppers

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Large Printable Party Circles

These large party circles are perfect to use to decorate your party.

FREE "You've Been BOOed" Halloween Large Party Circles

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printable Mini Candy Wrappers

Wrap these eerie “You’ve Been BOOed” wrappers around your favorite miniature candies or chocolates, securing them with a bit of adhesive.

Share your sweet treats with your neighbors as part of the “You’ve Been BOOed” tradition to add a dash of Halloween delight to their day.

Download the FREE You've Been BOOed! Halloween Printables Now - Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

“You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printable Treat Toppers

Attach these toppers to your Halloween treats or goody bags using glue or double-sided tape to add a spooky touch that will make your treats stand out and bring a smile to anyone receiving them.

"You've Been BOOed" Halloween Printable Treat Toppers

“We’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Poster

Include this poster with your kit so your neighbours can hang it in their window or on their door, to acknowledge their involvement and encourage others to BOO someone else.

"We've Been BOOed" Halloween Poster

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

Tips and Substitutions

Printable FAQs

What can I substitute for card stock?

You can substitute regular cardstock with a bunch of different types of paper such as quality photo paper or even regular printer paper.

What size paper do I need?

You’ll need an 8.5″ x 11″ sized sheet of paper.

What if the pdf file doesn’t print?

Make sure you download the pdf file onto your computer and print from that file. If you are having trouble, try downloading the pdf file using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc…).

How can I use these free printables if I don’t have a home printer?

You can use a public printer at a library, internet cafe, or print shop for a fee.

What is “You’ve Been BOOed”?

It’s a Halloween tradition where people anonymously share treats and encourage their neighbors to do the same, fostering a sense of community and fun during the holiday.

How to take party in “You’ve Been BOOed”?

Anonymously leave a Halloween-themed treat or gift along with a “You’ve Been BOOed” note on a neighbor or friend’s doorstep, encouraging them to continue the tradition by surprising someone else in the neighborhood.

When do you do “You’ve been BOOed”?

The tradition is typically done during the weeks leading up to Halloween, so participants can surprise their neighbors at any time within that timeframe, to add some excitement to the holiday season.

Download FREE “You’ve Been BOOed” Halloween Printables!

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