If you have fallen under the spell of Disney’s cult classic, Hocus Pocus, and the new Hocus Pocus 2, and are looking for Hocus Pocus party ideas, we’ve got you covered!

We got so many awesome Halloween parties on our site, but we can’t think of a better theme for this year.

The movie celebrates everything about Halloween such as witches, spells, zombies, and lots and lots of laughs! Here’s to making your Hocus Pocus party a success!

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65 Spellbounding Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!

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Reasons to Love These Spellbounding Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!

65 Spellbounding Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!

Hocus Pocus Party Ideas FAQs

How can I recreate the Sanderson sisters’ cottage for a Hocus Pocus-themed party?

Incorporate rustic decor, broomsticks, and cauldrons to capture the essence of the Sanderson sisters’ abode.

How can I set the mood with Hocus Pocus-themed decorations?

Use broomsticks, black cats, pumpkins, and spellbooks in your decor to create an enchanting and mystical atmosphere.

What Hocus Pocus-themed music should I play at the party?

Opt for the film’s soundtrack or spooky tunes that match the witchy theme to enhance the party’s ambiance.

What spooky snacks can I serve at a Hocus Pocus party?

Offer witch-hat cookies, “black flame” cupcakes, and potion-themed beverages to add a magical touch to the food and drinks.

What Hocus Pocus-inspired games can entertain party guests?

Plan games like “Witch’s Broom Limbo” or “Cauldron Ring Toss” for a playful and engaging experience.

What are some Hocus Pocus-themed party favors for guests to take home?

Consider giving out mini spellbooks, witch’s broom pens, or themed candles as memorable party favors.

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