If you are throwing a mermaid party and stuck on picking the best party favors then this post is for you. Take a look at all the gorgeous mermaid party favors we’ve rounded up so you can send all your guests home with a massive smile on their faces!

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You’ll be blown away by all the wonderful mermaid party favor ideas we’ve found.

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Reasons to Love These Mermaid Party Favors!

25 Stunning Mermaid Party Favors

Mermaid Party Favors FAQs

Why are mermaid parties so popular?

It’s such a captivating theme because it allows everyone to embrace their imagination, by indulging in creative decorations and costumes.

Are there budget-friendly mermaid party favor options?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options like mermaid-themed pencils, notepads, or temporary tattoos that won’t break the bank but still delight the guests.

Can I include edible items as mermaid party favors?

Absolutely! You can include mermaid-themed cookies, candies, or cupcakes with decorations that match the theme as edible party favors.

What are some unique mermaid party favor ideas for adults?

Unique mermaid party favors for adults could include mermaid-themed wine charms, scented candles resembling ocean scents, or elegant mermaid tail wine stoppers.

How far in advance should I order mermaid party favors?

It’s advisable to order mermaid party favors at least 2-4 weeks before the party to ensure availability and allow time for customization and delivery.

How to throw an unforgettable mermaid-themed party

Go through our ultimate guide to mermaid parties, and check out our other posts for mermaid cakes, mermaid-inspired party food, and fun party games and activities.

What are mermaid party essentials?

You’ll need mermaid-themed invitations, tableware, decorations, party favors, costumes, balloons, and a mermaid-themed cake or treats.

How can I decorate my mermaid party if I’m on a tight budget?

Download anyone of our two FREE mermaid party printables and use them to decorate your party! We have a pretty whimsical mermaid set and another more suited for younger children.

Need more mermaid party ideas?

For more inspiration, check out all the awesome real mermaid parties on our site!

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