Picking the perfect theme for your son’s baby shower can be quite daunting, but don’t worry., We’ve got your back!

I’m so excited to share with you the 12 most popular baby shower themes for boys.

We’ve gone through all our amazing boy baby showers and rounded up the most popular themed to help you choose the perfect one.

Don't Miss These 12 Popular Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Check out our popular themes, such as prince, nautical, teddy bear, and many many more. We’ve so much to inspire you!

Don’t Miss These 12 Popular Baby Shower Themes for Boys!

1. Prince Baby Showers

Every little boy is born a prince, so why not celebrate the soon arrival of your son with a wonderful prince themed baby shower?!

Decorate your party with as many crowns as you can find, such a fondant crown toppers on cupcakes or on the cake.

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Prince Baby Shower

2. Nautical Baby Showers

If you’re undecided about which theme to choose, look no further, nautical baby showers are a sure hit with guests.

The nautical-inspired backdrop and decorations at this party are gorgeous and create an adorable baby shower.

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Nautical Baby Shower | Catchmyparty.com

3. Woodland Baby Showers

A woodland themed baby shower is the perfect option if you love nature and cute little forest animals.

Create a rustic natural look by using as many logs, twigs, and pine cones as you can find.

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Woodland Baby Shower

4. Teddy Bear Baby Showers

So many children forge a magical long-lasting bond with their cuddly teddy bear.

The perfect way to celebrate this one of a kind friendship is with a teddy bear themed baby shower.

The balloon garland framing this dessert table is absolutely amazing!

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Teddy Bear Baby Shower

5. Rustic Baby Showers

If an over the top, glamorous parties aren’t your thing, then how about going for a stripped-back rustic baby shower?

Just because it’s simple it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty.

Decorate your baby shower with pretty flowers and other rustic elements to bring it all together and create a wonderful celebration.

Here are some pretty rustic baby shower party supplies.

Rustic Boy Baby Shower

11. Little Man Baby Showers

Proudly celebrate the soon arrival of your son with a little man themed baby shower.

Have fun decorating it with lots of bow ties and mustaches.

The cake at this little man baby shower is so cool! Love the suspenders and bow tie.

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Little Man Boy Baby Shower

6. Star Baby Showers

We all know that our children come from a magical place in the stars so how about filling your party with lots of them and creating a star themed baby shower?

The cloud backdrop at this baby shower made out of a white balloon garland and decorated with gold stars is absolutely gorgeous!

Here are some cute star baby shower party supplies.

Star Boy Baby Shower

7. Hot Air Balloon Baby Showers

The arrival of your baby is looked upon as a journey so why not reach new heights and throw a fun hot air balloon baby shower.

Just as with the previous party, use white balloons to create clouds and decorate your baby shower with as many hot air balloons as you can.

Loving the hot air balloon dessert table! Your guests will be blown away!

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Hot Air Balloon Boy Baby Shower

8. Vintage Airplane Baby Showers

You can never really go wrong with a classic vintage airplane baby shower theme. It’s such a timeless and elegant theme.

Love the white balloon that resembles clouds! What an awesome party decoration.

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Vintage Airplane Boy Baby Shower


9. Safari Baby Showers

Safari parties have been a massive trend this past year.

It’s one of our most popular party themes on CatchMyParty.com, especially for boy baby showers

As you can see in the party below, you can still have an elegant and stylish baby shower even when you fill it with wild animals.

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Safari Boy Baby Shower

10. Winnie the Pooh Baby Showers

Countdown to the arrival of your son with a sweet Winnie the Pool themed baby shower.

All of Pooh Bears’ adventures with his friends are enchanting and are a wonderful choice for a baby shower theme.

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Winnie the Pooh Boy Baby Shower

12. Winter Baby Showers

If you’re expecting your baby in the winter treat yourself to a winter themed baby shower. It’s a wonderful time of year to go overboard and use as many snowflakes as you can get your hands on.

The tiered cake at this winter-themed baby shower covered in fondant snowflakes is gorgeous!

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Winter Boy Baby Shower


Need more baby shower party ideas?

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