Check out these 18 fun digital pregnancy announcements as a fantastic way to share your news with friends and family.

Finding a unique way to share your wonderful news over social media can be a challenge, so we’ve created this roundup of ideas and inspiration to help you pick the best one, and there are even shopping links.

Take a Look at These 18 Fun Digital Pregnancy Announcements

When should you announce your pregnancy?

First thing first… you should only make your announcement public when you feel comfortable doing so.

If you’re dying to share your wonderful news you might try and do so when the pregnancy is safe and everything ok. This normally happens around week twelve.

Digital Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here are some fabulous digital pregnancy announcement ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Have fun with your announcement, and congrats on your awesome news!

1. Marquee Light Digital Pregnancy Announcement

When you want to make a statement and call everyone’s attention, you put it in lights.

Share your big news with this fantastic marquee light digital pregnancy announcement template.

Customize it with your family name, due date, and an image of your sonogram.

Marquee Light Digital Pregnancy Announcement

2. Boho Rainbow Digital Pregnancy Announcement

Boho rainbows are so on-trend at the moment, that you can’t go wrong if you choose it as the theme of your digital pregnancy announcement.

Like the previous template, this too can be personalized with your due date and an image of your sonogram.

Boho Rainbow Digital Pregnancy Announcement

3. Rustic Digital Pregnancy Announcement

If you already know the sex of your baby, have picked out a name, and are you’re looking for a digital pregnancy announcement with a more rustic vibe, then this is a great choice.

The wreath in the image is so simple yet so pretty. It’s a perfect example of less is more.

Add your baby’s name, due date, and a sonogram image so you can share it across your social media.

Rustic Digital Pregnancy Announcement

4. Natural Digital Pregnancy Announcement

This next template has a more vintage and natural look, with wooden toys, and pretty dried flowers.

You can again add your due date and an image of your sonogram to make it yours.

Natural Digital Pregnancy Announcement

Create your own Digital Pregnancy Announcement

If you’d rather put your creativity to good use, and make a unique digital pregnancy announcement, scroll down and take a look at all the wonderful props and ideas we’ve discovered to make yours one of a kind.

5. Show Off Your Sonogram

A fun way to share your big news with everyone is to simply take a photo with your partner and show off your sonogram.

Either hold it in your hands or just pin it onto a board with more details like the due date.

Show off your Sonogram

6. “Baby On Board” T-Shirt

Images speak louder than words so how about letting everyone know your big news with a photo of you wearing a t-shirt that says it for you.

This “baby on board” t-shirt is a great way to surprise everyone and let them in on your secret.

Take a Look at These 18 Fun Digital Pregnancy Announcements - 'Baby On Board' T-Shirt

7. Onesie

On the other hand, let everyone know you’re expecting a little bundle of joy with a photo of the two of you holding a little onesie like this one.

Personalize it with your family name and due date.


8. Booties

Booties are also a great prop for a digital pregnancy announcement.

Either simply share a photo of the booties to get everyone’s attention, or delicately hold them in your hands for a gorgeous shot.


9. Older Siblings

If you already have children, then how about having them tell your family and friends?

It’s important to have them participate so they feel included.

Becoming an older brother or sister is a big deal so dress them in a cool “promoted to big brother or sister” t-shirt and take a photo to share on social media.

It’s also a wonderful keepsake!

Promoted to Big Brother and Sister T-Shirts

10. Bun in the Oven

Make your pregnancy announcement fun with a photo of you in the kitchen placing a bun in the oven whilst wearing this awesome apron.

It’s a great prop that speaks for itself!


Bun in the Oven

11. Say it with a Cake

If you love baking, how about letting everyone know with the help of a cake?!

Decorate a cake with an “Eating Cake for Two” topper and have a photo of you and your partner taken.

Send it to your family and friends to share your new love.


Say it with a Cake

12. Include Your Dog Baby Announcment

Pets are so important to all of us and are such a key member of a family, that having your dog break your big news is a wonderful idea.

Tie a “big brother” or “big sister” bandana around their neck and snap a cool shot that you can use as your pregnancy announcement.

Include your dog

13. Bump Ahead Sign

If you’re looking for another fun way to break it to everyone, how about using this ‘bump ahead’ road sign as a prop in your announcement?

Tie it to a pole and ideally take a photo with it near an actual bump.

Bump Ahead Sign

14. Say it With a Hat

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how about using a “baby on board” hat to let everyone in on your big secret?

All you need to do is take a photo wearing the hat and share it on social media.

Say it with a hat

15. Superhero Sign Baby Announcment

Another cool way to let siblings in on the fun is by having them dress up as a superhero holding an “Everybody needs a Sidekick” sign.

Personalize your sign with your due date and share your incredible news with the world.

Superhero Sign

16. Baby Announcment Chalkboard Sign

You could also have a beautiful photo taken of you and the baby’s father with this “And Then There Were Three” sign.

It makes such a gorgeous pregnancy announcement that I’m sure you’ll love to share.

Chalkboard Sign

17. Pregnant Movie Poster

If you really want to make everyone laugh then a movie poster digital pregnancy announcement is perfect!

Send the vendor an image you’d like on the poster and personalize it with your names, and due date.

You can bet this announcement will be a 5-star hit!'Pregnant' Movie Poster

18. “Hello Baby” Balloons

To finish off our round-up of cool digital pregnancy announcements we have a “hello baby” balloon prop that you can use as a backdrop to your photo.

Fill these 40″ foil balloons with helium and let them do the talking.

'Hello Baby' Balloons

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