We’ve looked at all the popular baby shower parties added to our site to find the 31 most popular baby shower theme ideas for girls.

With so many girl baby shower themes to choose from finding the perfect one for your celebration can feel a little daunting. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

These parties are on-trend and truly inspirational! If you’re one of the hosts looking for a fantastic and unique girl baby shower theme for a special mom-to-be, look no further!

31 MOST POPULAR Girl Baby Shower Themes (2024)

We’ve highlighted the traditional themes, like princesses and butterflies, and some of the newer trends like boho-chic and Parisian. Take a look at the most adorable baby shower themes out there! And let the baby gifts start coming!

There are so many lovely baby shower themes for girls you can bet your celebration will be extra special!

And if you need some baby shower games, download our free girl baby shower printable bingo game to entertain your guests. We’ve also got more baby shower activities to inspire you!

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Reasons to Love These Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Girls!

31 Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Girls!

1.Rustic Baby Shower

Rustic parties are such a pretty and simple theme, and although they look easy to pull off, a lot of love and care goes into creating one.

As long as you use lots of neural colors, greenery, and flowers in your decor, it will be beautiful. Loving the naked cake at this rustic baby shower decorated with beautiful fresh flowers.

This is also a perfect theme if you want it to feel more gender-neutral because you don’t know if it’s going to be baby girl or baby boy yet.

Browse real rustic baby showers here.

Rustic-Themed Baby Shower

2. Princess Baby Shower

Looking for a theme for your little princess? Why not make that the theme of your little girls’ baby shower?!

Give your party that regal look with lots of gold and pink decorations and don’t forget that all-important princess crown.

Plus, look at these incredible desserts and treats!

Browse real princess baby showers here.

Free Princess Party Printables

And if you want free little princess party printables and free editable princess party printables to decorate your baby shower, we’ve got those too.

Princess Themed Baby Showers

3. Pink Baby Shower

Pink will forever be the number one favorite color associated with little girls and babies alike.

It’s an incredibly popular color and theme for baby showers as it instantly identifies the gender of the baby, which makes it the perfect solution if you’re undecided about a girl baby shower theme.

Browse real pink parties here.

Pink Baby Shower Party Theme

4. Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Teddies are a must-have in any nursery which is why a teddy bear-themed baby shower is a great pick.

Get hold of as many teddy bears as you can and use them to decorate your baby shower.

Browse real teddy bear baby showers here.

Teddy Bear-Theme Baby Shower

5. Safari Baby Showers

Send your guests on a beautiful adventure. Safari parties are a huge trend at the moment and it’s such an adorable theme for a baby girl’s baby shower.

You can find party supplies for so many wild animals that you really can’t go wrong!

Party tip: Use a lot of colored balloons in your decor to give your shower that “wow” factor.

Browse real safari baby showers here.

Free Safari Jungle Party Printables

And if you’re looking for budget decorations, download our free safari party printables to decorate your baby shower.

Safari themed Baby Shower

6. Vintage Baby Shower

Vintage parties are always so elegant and timeless. Look through the many vintage baby showers we’ve found for you to help you plan yours for the mama-to-be.

The ornate frame used as a backdrop at this party keeps popping up at vintage parties and is a really popular choice. Also, pull out all your vintage serving dishes and use them as accents.

Also, look at that dessert table with cake, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and donuts.

Browse real vintage baby showers here.

Free Vintage Baby Shower Party Printables

Download and decorate your baby shower with our free vintage baby shower party printables.

Vintage themed Baby Shower

7. Mexican Fiesta Baby Shower

Mexican Fiestas are always fun and colorful affairs so how about throwing a Mexican fiesta themed baby shower?

Decorate your party with multi-colored papel picado, paper flowers, and other Mexican-themed party decorations.

We’ve got a fantastic collection of Mexican fiesta party ideas to help you!

Browse real Mexican fiesta baby showers here.

Mexican Fiesta-Themed Baby Shower

8. Boho Chic Baby Shower

Boho chic baby showers are whimsical and free-spirited and really popular at the moment. Decorate yours with gorgeous bouquets of wildflowers, dream-catchers, and floral crowns.

If you love nature, add ribbons and feathers, and even teepees. 

And how about decorating your party with these easy boho dream catchers.

Browse real boho chic baby showers here.

Free Boho Chic Baby Shower Party Printables

Decorate your party with our gorgeous “Oh Baby” free baby shower party printables.

Boho Chic themed Baby Shower

9. Ballerina Baby Shower

A ballerina party is such a delicate baby shower theme and is ever so girly.

It’s a great excuse to use lots of tulle, so go crazy with it.

You can use it for a table skirt to create a showstopper dessert table.

Browse real ballerina baby showers here.

Ballerina Baby Shower

10. Mermaid Baby Shower

Make a splash with a mermaid baby shower. It’s the right choice for a mommy-to-be who loves everything ocean and there’s so much to choose from to decorate it with, such as mermaids, starfish, and shells, etc…

The most popular color schemes are turquoise, pink, and purple, so if you love these colors, then this has to be the theme choice for you.

Also, if you’re looking for mermaid dessert ideas, including ideas for adorable cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, and candies we’ve got you covered.

Browse real mermaid baby showers here.


And don’t miss these fantastic ocean blue free mermaid party printables to decorate your party and this collection of our favorite mermaid party supplies!

Mermaid themed Baby Shower

11. Woodland Baby Shower

Woodland parties are all the craze at the moment and baby showers aren’t any different. Children love woodland animals such as bunnies, foxes, and owls so either pick one animal or use a bunch of them.

Don’t forget to add wild mushrooms and as many flowers, greenery, wood, and butterflies as you can!

Browse real woodland baby showers here.

Woodland themed Baby Shower

12. Tea Party Baby Shower

Tea parties are a great excuse to eat posh sandwiches and have lots of tea. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Tea parties are an ever-growing baby shower trend and seem to be popping up everywhere.

The table settings at this one are gorgeous and just look at those heavenly cakes!

Browse real tea party baby showers here.

Free Tea Party Baby Shower Party Printables

Decorate your party with our gorgeous, floral “Oh Baby” free baby shower party printables or our traditional tea party free baby shower printable.

Tea Party themed Baby Shower

13. Fashion Baby Shower

If you want a stylish, style-conscious party, then how about going for a fashion-themed baby shower like the one below?

You can pick from so many designers, such as Chanel to Versace to Tiffany’s & Co. that are sure to bring some chicness to your baby shower.

Browse real fashion baby showers here.

Fashion-Themed Baby Shower

14. Floral Baby Shower

Flowers always look and smell beautiful, and the colors can be so pretty, so why not go for a simple flower-inspired baby shower?

If you can’t get a hold of fresh flowers, you can always go for paper ones or imitation flowers.

The floral ‘baby’ table centerpiece at this baby shower is absolutely incredible and is a great showstopper decorated in creams and pastels.

If you’re looking for a beautiful party decoration, how about making this easy flower monogram letter or paper flower backdrop to hang behind your dessert table!

Free Floral Baby Shower Party Printables

Decorate your party with our gorgeous, floral “Oh Baby” free baby shower party printables.

Flower themed Baby Shower

15. Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

What a sweet theme for a baby shower. We’ve all grown up with that sweet bear.

If you love the sentiment of the stories, this is the perfect theme for you.

Use lots of yellow in your decor and add some honey treats.

Browse real Winnie the Pooh baby showers here.

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Baby Shower

16. Elephant Baby Shower

An elephant-themed baby shower is a delightful choice for a girl, featuring charming elephant motifs in soft pastel colors like pink and gray.

This theme is perfect for creating a warm and whimsical atmosphere, with decorations such as plush elephant toys, elephant-shaped balloons, and floral arrangements enhancing the ambiance.

Elephants symbolize traits like strength, wisdom, and good luck, making this theme both adorable and meaningful for celebrating a new baby girl.

Take a look at all these real elephant baby showers!

Elephant Baby Shower

17. Bunny Baby Shower

A Bunny Themed Baby Shower is an irresistibly fun and playful choice for celebrating a baby girl.

Your guests are going to love hopping into a party filled with adorable bunny decorations, carrot-shaped snacks, and cute onesies creating a lively and joyful atmosphere.

With cute bunny ears for guests to wear and games like “Pin the Tail on the Bunny,” this theme not only symbolizes new beginnings and innocence but also guarantees a hopping good time for everyone!

Don’t miss all our wonderful real bunny baby showers!

Bunny Baby Shower

18. Butterfly Baby Shower

Another very sought-after theme are butterfly baby showers. If you love everything nature then how about going with a butterfly theme? Butterflies have so many pretty colors.

Love the paper butterfly backdrop at this party. It makes the dessert table look so delicate and whimsical.

Browse real butterfly baby showers here.

Butterfly themed Baby Shower

19. Parisian Baby Shower

Paris just overflows with style and everything that’s chic, so take your guests on a trip across the ocean to the capital of love, pastries, and bright lights!

There’s no such thing as using too many Eiffel Tower decorations, so go ahead and have fun like they did with this gorgeous pink and white tiered cake decorated with flowers and pearls.

Here is a roundup of French/Parisian party ideas to help you plan.

And browse real French/Parisian parties here.

Parisian-Themed Baby Shower

20. Lemon-Themed Baby Shower

Lemon-themed baby showers are gaining popularity, captivating those who desire a burst of freshness and vibrant allure for their celebrations.

Picture the scene: lemonade stands adorned with whimsical signs, gorgeous lemon-inspired party decorations, and tables dressed in cheerful yellow hues.

The atmosphere radiates with the sunny brilliance of bright yellows and lush greens, creating an uplifting ambiance that perfectly complements the joyous anticipation of welcoming a new bundle of joy.

Browse real lemon-themed baby shower parties here.

Lemon-themed Baby Shower

21. Orange-Themed Baby Shower

Orange-themed baby showers for girls are gaining popularity, offering a burst of citrus warmth and vibrant charm for celebrations.

Elegant tables adorned with citrus-inspired accents, create a whimsical atmosphere that perfectly complements the joyous anticipation of welcoming a baby girl.

The subtle aroma of citrus fills the air, transforming the event into a sensory experience that mirrors the promises of new beginnings. It’s a stylish choice for parents-to-be who appreciate sophistication with a delightful touch.

Browse real orange-themed parties here.

Orange-Themed Baby Shower

22. Peach-Themed Baby Shower

Celebrate the impending arrival of a baby girl with a peach-themed baby shower—a perfect blend of elegance and charm.

The soft, warm tones symbolize sweetness and new beginnings, creating a visually delightful atmosphere. Versatile and stylish, this theme allows for creative personalization, making it a memorable celebration for the joyous occasion.

Browse real peach-themed baby shower parties here.

23. Sunshine-Themed Baby Shower

Sunshine-themed baby showers beam with warmth and joy, captivating parents-to-be with a celebration bathed in the glow of happiness.

Picture golden sunbursts, vibrant yellow accents, and a cheerful atmosphere that mirrors the anticipation of welcoming a new bundle of sunshine.

This radiant theme offers a stylish blend of sophistication and the sunlit charm of celebration, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a baby shower filled with the warmth of sunshine and the brightness of impending parenthood.

Browse real sunshine-themed parties here.

Sunshine-Themed Baby Shower

24. Fairy-Themed Baby Shower

Fairy-themed baby showers for girls weave enchantment into the celebration, with delicate fairy wings, twinkling lights, and soft pastels creating a mystical atmosphere.

You can even make these beautiful illuminated fairy jars and use them to decorate your party!

The ambiance mirrors the joyous anticipation of welcoming a little girl, transporting guests to a magical realm filled with wonder.

A fairytale-inspired theme is perfect for parents-to-be seeking a touch of fantasy and celebration for their special occasion. It’s a magical beginning for the little princess on the way.

Browse real fairy-themed parties here.

Fairy-Themed Baby Shower

25. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Showers

Ready for a super cute baby shower theme? This one is for a girl who is the most sparkling one of all.

A twinkle twinkle little star baby shower!

Simply decorate it with as many stars and sparkles as you can and you can’t go wrong! The parents-to-be will love this!

Browse real twinkle twinkle little star baby showers here.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

26. Brunch Baby Shower

If brunch is more your thing a brunch-themed baby shower is a wonderful option.

There’s nothing better than an intimate get-together with those closest to you to celebrate your new arrival over delicious food.

Browse real brunch baby showers here.

Brunch themed Baby Shower

27. Bumble Bee Baby Shower

Bumble bees and baby showers are a great match. All new moms to be spend hours dreaming about what their baby can “bee.”

Throw a yellow party where bees and honey take center stage and celebrate your new baby with all your friends.

Browse real bumble bee baby showers here and some of our favorite bumble bee baby shower ideas bumble bee baby shower ideas.

Free Bumble Bee Party Printables

Here are some adorable and free bumble bee party printables to decorate your baby shower in style!

Bumble Bee-Themed Baby Shower

28. Picnic Baby Shower

Picnics have become ever more popular this past year and you can DIY them any way you like.

They are a excellent way to get together with family an friends outside where there is plenty of fresh air and space.

Decorate your party with lots of pretty flowers and some beautiful table settings and you really can’t go wrong.

Browse real picnic baby showers here.

Picnic-Themed Baby Shower

29. Summer Baby Shower

A summer baby shower for a girl is a fabulous and fun-filled celebration that transports guests to a paradise of sun and sand. Add a bunch of tropical party decorations like palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, and colorful tiki torches, complemented by a delightful spread of exotic fruits and coconut drinks.

With activities like a lei-making station and a photo booth with tropical props, this theme infuses the party with a lively island vibe, perfectly capturing the joyous anticipation of welcoming a new baby girl.

You won’t want to miss these gorgeous real summer baby showers!

Summer Baby Shower

30. Fall Pumpkin Baby Shower

If you are throwing a baby shower in the fall how about celebrating your little pumpkin?!

Use fall colors such as shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown and decorate your baby shower with as many pumpkins as you can.

Browse real pumpkin baby showers here.

Fall Pumpkin themed Baby Shower

31. Winter Baby Shower

On the other hand if you a planning a baby shower in the winter then make that your theme.

There’s something magical about a crystal white party decorated with snowflakes.

Browse real winter baby showers here.

Free Christmas Baby Shower Party Printables

If you are looking for inexpensive but adorable baby shower decorations, download our free Christmas baby shower party printables!

Winter themed Baby Shower

Most Popular Girl Baby Shower FAQ

How can I make a girl baby shower unique?

Incorporate personalized details such as custom decorations, favors, and games tailored to the mom-to-be’s interests.

Are there specific color schemes associated with girl baby showers?

While pink remains a classic choice, modern trends embrace a variety of colors, including pastels, gold accents, and muted tones.

What are some must-have elements for a girl baby shower?

Consider including a themed cake, a decorative backdrop for photos, and creative games that engage guests in the celebration.

Can I mix and match different girl baby shower themes?

Absolutely, combining elements from different themes can create a unique and personalized celebration that reflects the mom-to-be’s style.

How can I involve guests in the celebration of a baby girl?

Encourage guests to bring meaningful gifts, participate in interactive games, and contribute to a collective well-wishing card for the expecting parents.

How can I involve the mom-to-be in the planning process?

Consult with her on theme preferences, guest list, and any specific elements she’d like to see incorporated, ensuring the celebration aligns with her vision.

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