One thing we’ve learned over the past year or so is that our friends are our lifeline and deserve all our love and gratitude, so, how about doing Thanksgiving a little differently this year and throwing a Friendsgiving celebration with your friends?

Take a look at all the fabulous Friendsgiving party ideas that we’ve rounded up to help you host a get-together you’ll all remember.

You can host a Friendsgiving instead of an actual Thanksgiving if you’d rather skip all the family drama, or your family isn’t close enough. Or, you can have the best of both worlds and celebrate a Friendsgiving the weekend before the big day with all your closest friends.

You’ll find ideas for Friendsgiving invitations, party decorations, tables settings, party food, party favors and so much more…

You Are So Going to Love These 27 Heartwarming Friendsgiving Party Ideas!

1: Friendsgiving Invitation

Kick things off with this gorgeous pumpkin vase Friendsgiving illustrated invitation that will delight your friends.

Being invited to a Friendsgiving is such a beautiful gesture, that I’m sure they’ll be honored to accept.

Friendsgiving Invitation

2: Thanksgiving Digital Invitation

Digital invitations are a great alternative because they are so quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Love this laidback, yet stylish Fall-themed design.

Thanksgiving Digital Invitation

3: Friendsgiving Boho Picnic

Boho picnics are so on-trend right now, so how about taking your Friendsgiving party outside and throwing a laid-back get-together?

The large Friendsgiving letters decorating the garden look absolutely amazing, especially later on in the day when they are lit up.

Grab some comfy floor cushions and use them as seating, and be sure to add some warm blankets or outdoor heating to your space.

Friendsgiving Boho Picnic

4: Rustic Fall Drip Cake

Your guests will stop in their tracks when they set their eyes on this amazing naked drip cake decorated with cinnamon cranberries, dried orange, and pomegranates.

It’s the perfect cake to serve in the Fall.

Rustic Fall Drip Cake

5: Friendsgiving Cupcake Toppers

Decorate a bunch of home-baked or store-bought cupcakes with these pretty ‘Happy Friendsgiving’ gold sparkly toppers.

They’ll look fantastic at your dinner.

Friendsgiving Cupcake Toppers

6: Fall-Themed Sprinkles

Sprinkles are perfect for garnishing a bunch of sweet treats, such as cupcakes, cookies, and cakes.

These fall-inspired ones are just what you need for a Friendsgiving get-together.

The warm Fall colors and tiny pumpkins are just what your desserts need.

Fall-Themed Sprinkles

7: Friendsgiving Cookies

Show your friends how much they mean to you and how grateful you are that they are a part of your life with a beautiful bunch of cookies.

This adorable mix is decorated with gorgeous flowers and heart-warming words, such as friends, gather, and thankful.

Friendsgiving Cookies

8: Grazing Platter

After such a long time apart there’s nothing we want more than to sit down with our dearest friends and share a meal.

Grazing platters are a wonderful way to nibble while you sip cocktails, or drink wine, and catch up with your friends.

Make your own delicious platter by adding a bunch of cheeses and charcuterie into one indulgent selection of food that everyone can enjoy.

Grazing Platter

9: Fall Friendsgiving Wreath

Decorate your front door or a wall in your house with a gorgeous Fall-themed wreath.

If you are a crafty type and want a go at making your own wreath add leaves, flowers, pumpkins, and dried berries or nuts to create a showstopping party decoration.

Fall Friendsgiving Wreath

10: Rustic Friendsgiving Table Settings

Decorate your Friendsgiving dinner table with elegance and charm.

Use your most beautiful porcelain and decorate your table with gorgeous floral arrangements, and as many different sized pumpkins as you can get your hands on.

Rustic Friendsgiving Table Settings

11: Fall Leaves Table Runner 

Impress your guests with an incredible full leaf runner like this one.

It’s the perfect party decoration for your Thanksgiving dining table, with all the beautiful warm colors creating a lovely Fall vibe. 

Fall Leaves Table Runner 

12: Grateful Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkins are a must-have at a Fall celebration, so grab the prettiest pumpkin you can get your hands on and transform it into this wonderful centerpiece.

If you are artsy, paint the words ‘grateful’ or ‘thanks’ to match the theme.

Grateful Pumpkin Centerpiece

13: Personalized Pumpkin Place Tags

Place these pretty little personalized pumpkin place takes on each plate at your dining table so that each one of your friends knows exactly where they are seated.

They are the ideal party decoration for a Fall-themed celebration.

Personalized Pumpkin Place Tags

14: Fall Rustic Menu 

Thanksgiving dinners are always more formal affairs so how about treating your friends to some elegance and by placing a printed menu on each plate?

It will add such style to your Friendsgiving.

Rustic FallMenu 

15: Friendsgiving Napkins

How fun are these friends giving themed napkins?

They look fantastic at your dining table and are so on theme!

Friendsgiving Napkins

16: Rustic Friendsgiving Bar

Create a beautiful Fall-themed bar at your Friendsgiving gathering and treat your guests to delicious cocktails or fabulous wine.

Decorate your bar with Fall leaves and a bunch of pumpkins.

Rustic Friendsgiving Bar

17: Fall Drinks Dispenser

A drinks dispenser is also very on-trend, and they allow your guests to help themselves to their own drinks.

Decorate your dispenser with gorgeous floral decorations and pumpkins to create a Fall feel.

Fall Drinks Dispenser

18: Personalized Friendship Glasses

Toast to your friendship with these dazzling Friendsgiving glasses.

They double up as wonderful party favors that your guests can take home with them at the end of the day and cherish as a keepsake of your special get-together.

Personalized Friendship Glasses

19: Friendsgiving Wine Label

Wine is a must-have for any celebration and especially if you’re sitting down with friends and enjoying great food and each other’s company.

These printable Friendsgiving wine bottle labels are so much fun and will look fantastic on the wine bottles that you serve at your Friendsgiving celebration.

You could also glue them to wine bottles and hand them out as party favors for your guests to take home with them. 

Friendsgiving Wine Label

20: Friendsgiving Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are so on-trend right now that you really can’t go wrong with this fantastic one in Fall colors. In the mix are some leaves and other Fall-themed foil balloons, such as acorns and leaves.

To add to your party decorations the balloon garland comes with a Friendsgiving lettered foil balloon that you can use as a backdrop to a photo booth or simply as a party decoration. 

Friendsgiving Balloon Garland

21: Fall Tassel Garland

Check out this amazing Fall colored tassel garland. It’s such a versatile party decoration that can be hung up on the wall or placed behind your dessert table.

Fall Tassel Garland

You can’t really go wrong wherever you choose to place it.

22: Friendsgiving Poster

If you’re looking for the perfect decoration for your Friendsgiving bash look no further. This Friendsgiving poster will look absolutely amazing in a frame on a wall and is a wonderful gift if you’ve been invited to a Friendsgiving party yourself.

It’s a fun party decoration that describes the celebration as if it were a word in the dictionary.

Friendsgiving Poster

23: Fall Floral Decorations

Floral arrangements are a must for a rustic Friendsgiving party.

Go for beautiful warm colors such as oranges, pinks, and purples, and don’t forget, the more flowers you have to decorate the better.

Fall Floral Decorations

24: Friendsgiving Squad T-Shirts

Your girlfriends are going to love these Friendsgiving squad T-shirts.

Hand them out at the beginning of your celebration so you can all wear your own during your Friendsgiving party.

Don’t forget they double up as a cool photo booth prop and party favor too.

Friendsgiving Squad TShirts

25: Friendsgiving Personalized Tumbler Party Favor

Send your guests home with a personalized Friendsgiving tumbler that they can use on the go when they are out and about.

You can never have too many, right?

Friendsgiving Personalized Tumbler Party Favor

26: Party Favor Pie

Pies are synonymous with Thanksgiving, so how about treating each one of your guests with a delicious individual pie in a beautifully packaged wooden box so that they can take it home and indulge in it?

Party Favor Pie

27: Friendsgiving Party Favor Tote Bag

Finding the perfect party favor isn’t always easy, but these cute Happy Friendsgiving tote bags are such a practical gift that your friends can use during their day-to-day when they’re out and about.

You can imagine just how handy they’ll be when they are down at the store.

Friendsgiving Party Favor Tote Bag

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